Skirt and denim flowing, kissing way to heaven

Put the music blaring loud,
it ain't jazz.
Dude sporting blue denim, white shirt and boot,
I wanna swim naked in the Arabian sea.
Marveling at my artistic swimming skill,
they shall clap inside their heart.
Yet, the outer demon will slander my gut and brand me the 'shameless creature' showing my assets.
A blot to their culture, I am.
My body shall float above sea level.
Another catch, as they revel in my death.
Womaniya! In mini-skirt, strumming the guitar on the beach,
smoking up to the heart's delight,
as she pulls on the powerful bike,
dancing her way to heaven.
Weaving the song of life,
men and women,
daring to take the world by storm,
naysayers offended.
Sinful chocolate,
lips melt together as they watch us, powerless.
Nah! We shall not resort to violence.
Will offer flowers in lieu to brickbats,
we shall kiss in front of them,
shaming them, their false pride, prejudices, hatred with love.
We dare take on the system and be real.

With Love
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