Bye Bye 2014: Contemplating on Good, Bad and Ugly

The minty scoop of ice-cream melt into the tongue and swirling sensation of wine drops rolled inside the mouth, making it an enjoyable and sinful treat. A year that would soon be buried in the past as 2014 calendars is dumped to be replaced by a fresh one. The new diary, calendar and agenda would soon be set for 2015. Happy New Year.
2014 was a crazy year and a repetition of the earlier one, 2013. Two bad years rolled into one where I stepped into darkness, getting myself into crazy stuffs. It was frustrating to see things not falling into the right place and the moments where light inside the tunnel eluded my existence. It started crazily with me resigning from the job in the first week of January. By nature, I am a very instinctive person. I wasn't agreeing with the way things was shaping up and during the briefing session, took my decision. Post briefing, grabbed a coffee and lit a cigarette. Decision was taken. It was the start of a long and tiresome journey, days and months surviving and hanging on the thread. I became restless. 
There were such moments of frustration when extreme negative thoughts popped in and couldn't control ugly thoughts. It was a vulnerable period and I felt helpless fighting the inner demons cum psychological illness plaguing me. I was running late with bank threatening me with dire consequences for lateness on loan, credit card was cancelled and EMI walon on my trail. I became restless, finicky and crabby. Getting irritated at the slightest thing and over hyped, I was in a hurry to sort things out, chucked out some people from life the time you know who are your real friends are and need to get things right in the head.
A guy who was taking things for granted and who was a friend for years got it from me. I decided, enough was enough and screwed him with words.I told him off and sad things reached there but had to tell the naked truth to him. I am happy it happened since the true colors of the chamaleon was exposed.
There were the bad moments. It continued till the second half of the year and things bottled inside me. I choose the face things that wasn't working and sailed through. Slowly, the scattered thread picked and got a new job in a magazine. I made a comeback to the company where I had three best years and glad that I made the decision. New avenues were opened with freelancing for websites such as Indie Icons, blowing my trumpet on The Indian Trumpet. Dabbling with book reviews was a first for me and it's been cherry on the cake with one thing leading to another. Blessed I was to review books by super talented authors such as Shuchi Singh Kalra, Sundari Venkatraman and India was One fame which got me visibility. Today, many authors approach me to review their books. Just yesterday, actor Olivier Lafont playing Suhas Tandon in Three idiots approached me to review his first book, Warrior.
The year where my former boss whom I hold in high esteem made her comeback to head our magazine which postponed plans to move away from the company. The light and memorable moments were made possible by blogger friends, whom I call the extended family on FB and Twitter.
There was the bad, ugly and good. I choose to remember the priceless memories in the dying seconds, minutes and hours. Our FB, Twitter and Blogger friends. I owe it to you despite distance separate us.
Happy New Year 2015 and wish loads of love, happiness and fulfillment.
There is always light after darkness.
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