WoW: When my smart phone went missing

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Damn!!! Where have I put the phone? Fuck! It just cannot happen again. Re-visiting the ugly past of losing the second smart in my life. I am not gonna survive like that without my handset. 21k gone waste like water seeping its way in the mud. What a waste!I call on my number!!! S*** it's switched off. I became red with seething anger, mourning the death of most prized buddy taken away from me. I tell Mom, "No luck! It's gone." She tells me to keep the bus ticket and tomorrow morning, jump straight to the bus terminus before going to the cops. I think, I am going to die right now. The energy is drained from the body and feel weak. I try to maintain my calm and composure, ready to kick myself in the ass. Now, no whatsapp, FB or checking mail on phone. How am I gonna survive without the smart phone!
I take a cigarette and walk past the door to smoke on the verandah. Smoking calms. I try to recollect the past events, unfurling itself on this fateful Friday.
Strolling past Marine Drive at night, I miss listening to songs on the smart phone,nursing my wounds and pinging of friends on whatsapp, the spicy Alia Bhatt forwards. I cannot come to terms that I have to borrow a phone from a friend and walking long distance to fish for a boot, a remote possibility in India's cosmo world. I feel like kicking myself on the butt, for being so careless about the phone.
Slowly coming to terms with life minus smart phone, I spend time in cafes, reading newspapers and books, chatting with strangers bout life, metaphysical joy and happiness. Despite my grand deception of losing a part of me within the handset miraculously disappearing out of thin ear, there is a certain happiness flowing in the air that I am able to reconnect with the self and making human contact, something that I was so alien to and caught in the fake in the passion of everything hi fi.
At times, I forget that the smart phone is not in the pocket and I slip the fingers which hit the emptiness in life, dictated by the world of gadgets and social media. The mind, somehow, verges to the first expensive Nokia handset that I lost in a matter of three months inside the hostel room, exactly on same day and date I got it at the phone shop for 10k, a princely sum for a student at Mumbai.
It was a Saturday. I hardly slept during the night and dashed for lecture in the morning. On my way back from Santacruz, I wondered whether I should hop at Bandra Bandstand for my weekly Latte dose. But, the inner voice directed me to miss hopping at Bandra and jump straight to sleep in the room. I lay on the bed, putting the handset beneath the pillow and slept. I wake up to see the phone missing. I freaked out, only to realize that I let the door open, inviting expert hands to conjure magic tricks with the pillow and handset.

Where on earth have I put the HTC handset!! I called a couple of times but the handset is switched off and gone totally blank. The 'lucky' one must have been having a field day and Santa has come earlier for them. S**** the stupid me who has now lost the third handset. Record!!! I take another drag from the Marlboro cigarette and tried to retrieve my memory trove. I was sitting in the bus, listening to songs and when the bus hit the stop, I got up with the lap-top bag. Point one: I must have left it on the seat for grab.
I stopped at the shop to buy stuffs and, in a hurry, I must have left it on the counter. No point racking the brain now. The smart phone is gone and end of a love story of checking office emails, whatsapp and FB.
Taking a detour inside mom room, I am searching for something when my eyes hit a shiny object, white coated and sleek. F***! I just can't believe my eyes. It's my HTC One X. What the phone is doing on top of the drawe? Is Someone playing truant with me!
Wait! Now, I remember. When I reached home, my cousin called on the handset and we indulged in a passionate B-town and political chat, before passing the phone to Mom. I went inside Mom's room to change into shorts. Inspecting the phone, I saw that by mistake, the handset turned into 'Airplane mode' reason for being insensitive to my needs.
Lesson learned: Always be careful when you keep your prized possession. Take a habit to break away from your phone to add a human touch to your relationships, chatting with parents, friends and your loved ones.

PS: The incidents narrated in the prompt is real and misplacing the phone happened to me, two weeks back. Yeah! I freaked. Thanks, Blogadda for this one.
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