The Lingaa is back

The Lingum is back! Don't angry him. He will perform a somersault and fight like a wild tiger to protect his virginity against the enemy besieging, hell bent to break its penance in a world filled with dirty mind. Gandi Baat, Gandi Baat, Gandi Gandi Baat. The long stick thrust in the air as it pops straight like mouth-watering Gulab jamun for a blissful munch.
Fire your dirty mind, fellas. I am not speaking of the Phallus or the Shiva-Linga, symbol of the phallus, representing the fervor Lord Shiv. Pouring holy water to appease the fury of Lord Shiva, think again! Yeah! I am not imagining someone making seductive movies, gyrating mind and body, swaying the pelvic thrust to one's delight. I am speaking of the Master of Impossibilities and what he can do! See! I told. Again, you thinking Gandi! Gandi!! Hey, Bhagwan!!!!!
Come December 12, we shall sing Happy Birthday to Rajinikant, our superstar Rajini coming with a double dhamaka. Lingaa, an ode to Rajni Sir. Will he or won't he do what he can do? Nike (y) will change its tag line, 'Just Did It' to 'We didn't, Rajnikant Did It' in Lingaa. Over-sexualized and over-charged Rajni fans, I am telling you, are all over the place for a taste of Rajini's Lingaa. Hold on! Fellas! You gotta twist your dirty minds! Why you are now associating Superstar Rajini with Lingum, it's Lingaa dirty fellas? I bet you getting an orgasm of sort, waiting for Shivaji Rai Gaikwad doing the lingum of sort flying like UFO to pounce on the villains like tornado and fire crackers. 
Can you do what Rajini do? I am sure you will burn your fingers. Still doubtful about that our new-age ling'um, oops, Rajini can do. Ok!! I challenge you on your terrain: Can you bag Rs 200 crores for your lingaa? See! You can't! Only Rajinikant can do it. And, you gotta the nerves to tell me that it's all fad watching Rajinkant and that he doesn't know the deep and dark secrets of Netas, Abhinetas and bimbos of the Sherlyn, Sherwat, Dimpy Mahajan and Sunny-baby. 
Our new Lingaa can stop the war if he wants to by brandishing his lethal weapon, aka, Lingaa pistol and the mere twitching of his moustache will make the Pakistani rifle shooters and jawans abandon their post. Now, you know what PM Modi should do? He should stand in deference in front of the Lingaa on December 12, showering petals and holy water on Rajni-Sir and India will reach double-digit economic growth, prosperity. Of course, no need for the Government to file cases in Supreme Court and the mere threat of Rajni-Sir showing lingaa will brought back all black money stacked in Videsh.
Now, who needs Father Christmas when Rajni Sir's Lingaa is back to fetch us goodies and, of course, gifts, toys, paisa and wishes from Santa Claus. Move over Santa Claus this season coz Superstar Rajni is back with a bang. The hundreds hundreds crores for him and wish for us that miracles will happen as we worship the Lingaa. See! I tell you Rajni Sir can shut the mouths of the mothers and fathers of stupidity. Move over Action Jackson and Shakers! Let's do the Lungi Dance and put a yo-yo in the mouths of the advocates hell bent to 'saffronizing' our text books and the Sadhvi of the epic 'Niranjan Jyoti'.
Wishing plenty of goodies triggered with Linaa, bearing the hall mark of the father of possibilities as we reach for the sky, the one and only Rajnikant.

PS: This post written in good humor to tickle your funny bones and is not meant to offend anybody's sensibility, moral, religious or otherwise.

Lingally Yours

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