Warrior of dreams flirting with danger

I jumped out of the bed, running for cover and furious throwing things away, unearthing my deadly weapon. In the fury, I switched off the light to confuse the attackers. Gosh! I feel sloshed! I feeling sleeping and my eyes are drowsy. I am scared to death for I know they gonna get an edge on me. Suddenly, I am sleepwalking and body oscillating, to and fro. Fuck! I tell myself. I gotta get control of the body. They hitting me on my face, legs and stomach. I yell. Yet! I ain't feeling any body. What kind of violence is that?, I stammered.
Finally, after sustaining blows, I retrieve my deadly weapons and flings the object, sparkling with balls of flame, in their direction. I cannot hit them and they suddenly, became invisible. I feel like an impotent warrior, failing to cudgel them to death. They popped in front of me, right now, laughing hysterically like the dreaded Hollywood villains. I pulled my might, resort to brutish force and pounced on them with the weapon. They lie down on the floor and blood seeping on the floor. As I revel in my victory a gun piercing my back and as I turned around, a man with devilish eye makes a wicked face. He got the better of me. Before dying, I hit him with the deadly weapon. We lie down on the cold floor, awaiting for death to take all of us to the final destination.
I moan, waiting for death to consume my body. Running my hand on the pierced chest, I sense the blood that I wanna taste before dying. I get a jolt: There is no blood spurting on my body. I opened my eyes to see my attackers has miraculously disappeared. Is it some magical trick conjured by invisible men to kill me? I slowly get off to see that my body is intact. The TV is on, playing some Hindi action flick. I must have dozed on the sofa, getting sunk in a nightmarish action fascination and baying for blood.
In the flick of seconds, I hear Mom shouting and crying for help, 'Thieves, Thieves'. I scampered to her room and see her, lying motionless and crumpled, on the bed. I run towards the door and checking the rooms, to see our house safe. I shake her gently, "Mom! Wake up, there is no thieves." She is in tears, oblivious, of the nightmare both of us flirted with. We flirted with danger, thriving in our world of dreams and nightmare. Dreams is a complex emotion that scared us down the spine where the hurt is non-existent.
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