Chiming bells of Joy and Santa: Merry X-Mas

Bells chime in, miniature Santa Claus adorn X-mas tree, decorated with toys and balloons.
Santa Claus is perched atop and smiles at the snowy beauty of the festive season.
Ringing in with new promises and happiness,
filled with joy and dreams,
pure fantasy echoing delight felt and lived by children.
The joy of waiting for Santa and falling asleep on tiny, innocent ears.
A sudden whisper by Santa,
yet the cute heart will sleep its way to heaven, dreaming of gifts.
It's the perfect season.
 It's Christmas.
The X-mas tree stands tall with gifts and toys to warm the contented heart.
Jumping with joy and tree hugging,
the child's heart warm for a small toy that would give happiness.
Yet! It can only wish for happiness.
The parent's meager income cannot afford the humble toy,
as the child shed a tear or two.
Pinning for a miracle, the father dons the mantle of Santa,
sacrificing lil penny, sleeping on empty stomach throughout the year,
slink the super fast car below the child's cot.
Leaping on his foot, he exudes in sheer delight.
After all, Santa listened to the cry of his heart.
It's X-mas,
no child should be deprived of happiness.
Merry X-mas

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