Sexual Violence against women: Safety, agression and fading hope

Another crime and sexual violence against women reminds us of the Black December we witnessed two years back after the heinous crime that shook our world. We didn't want another Nirbhaya to happen. A grim reality in India, from plush cities to obscure villages. that doesn't seem to stop. I highly oppose the label of Delhi as Rape Capital which is a cliche that will dilute the cause of fighting against rape.

The irony of the situation is that Uber cab, connected to smart phone applications was judged safe for a woman in a city and the country as a whole, that took a beating as a result of heinous crimes such as rape committed against women. It's a real tragedy when we see how the male aggression is hitting such a high octane. When politicians 'indirectly'condone such patriarchal male assault with catch-phrase like, 'Ladke hain Galati Ho Jati Hai,' one might argue where we have gone wrong. The woman, who is a victim in most of the cases, is blamed for wearing short skirts or showing her legs when those bastards shamelessly commit crime  without showing the slightest remorse.
When both men and 'some'women in society blame a girl and fail to educate their sons on how to respect someone, it makes me wonder what shit we teach our boys?  It's perfectly cool and normal to show their masculinity and a woman saying No to their advances is a personal insult or injury, for that matter. Tell me, how the girl going for a walk on the street will feel safe when an asshole makes sick comment on her body or she is being groped in the train? For how long, should she remain silent just because he is a man, no matter how sick this behavior is? How many of us will come in defense of a girl protesting against dirty looks? Such things make me very pessimist on our apathy which sucks?
We've debated at length on so-called reform in our laws that deal in a very lenient manner on matters pertaining to verbal, sexual assault and rape. Piece-meal legislation just doesn't help to curb the crime. Authorities need to come up with strict laws dealing the strict punishments that serve as a deterrent to such crimes. Shaming the criminals by plastering their pictures all over the place is one way to create awareness by letting the public know that they are the bad guys. I also believe in chemical castration that will go a long way to serve as a reminder.
Anyways! The objective of this post is not to tell the Indian Government or authorities across the globe what should be done to prevent such crimes. It's high time we educate our sons on how to behave with a woman and treat her as equal. It's not just about boosting your stupid male ego, adding fuel to the false ego that you have the right to physically harm someone because of ascribed features acquired at birth. For once, it sends shiver down my spine as a man if someone would inside an iron rod inside me or some penis will forcefully enter me much against my wish. How would I feel as man? It is important that we, men, think in those terms to try understand the trauma a women, victim of rape, is going through.
We point accusatory fingers at women with this bullshit of staying late, whether at work or hanging out somewhere during the night, dressing from top-to-toe or being accompanied by a male during the course of duty to restrict women freedom. Agree, women are easy targets by perverts! But, let's cast aside this moral sermon which is utter rubbish so that we don't lose track of the real debate or fight against the crime.
As far as improvement is concerned in terms of safety for women, I just hope that I don't lose the fading  hope. One wonder whether we should take the law in our hands since protests are not really happening to bring change.

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