WoW! Maya, The Illusion & Me converse about 'A New Beginning.'

I am participating in the prompt, 'A New Beginning' as part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
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Maya, The Illusion & Me converse about 'A New Beginning.'

Every year, it's the same old story with you, she says. A new beginning laden with fresh hopes, dreams and leaving the past behind. You are stuck in a rude dude, she sensuously tells me, stroking my lip with her red hot nail polish.
Who are you? I ask, "A tempest."
"I am Maya (The Illusion) may be. An object of sensuality who is taking you on my bed. You make make love to me since you are a weak person. I am making you fall weak on the needs. Perhaps, you will make love to me, kiss me all over and be one with me. I shall disappear in a while. One thing for sure: You live in a world of illusion. This is why, you are lying naked with me, beneath the white sheet."
"Yeah, hell," she smiles. "You know how you sound every year when you say that you shall make a new beginning. Monotonous! You are stuck in a rut like the routine sex we just had."
I am confused. But, who is she?, I wonder. She got the gut to tell me the truth. It's the truth. May be! How did I land up with Maya, the illusion, falling sway to her charms. How dare she tells me all that?
She got up from the bed, walked naked in her crystal clear body made of ice and pulled her nightie. She held my hand, dressed me up and said, "Come." She brewed two cups of coffee and smiles, "Let me take you to the haven of truth and you will face the reality only if you allow it." She became gentle.
"Why is it that you never forget the past?," she asked.
I protest, "But, that's not true."
"It's been six years. How come you have never been able to forget Dia? Every year, you take resolutions that Dia is not a part of your life and you shall move on. But, she is in not just your past but present. You shy away from falling in love. The truth is that you are scared. All it needs is a delete button. You must watch Jab We Met again."
"Ok! I am listening," I am feeling irritated.
"The past failures gnaws you and you are dying every single day. The failure in exams and the past job that made your life hell. You are not able to come to terms with the frustrating fact that you gave everything in your career and you were dealt a blow. You need to let go of you past relationships with people. You lack the courage and guts to get things going, blaming everything on destiny. You cannot remove the fear that plague your existence. And people's opinion about you is holding back the success waiting to crown you. Only then, a new beginning will take place."
I was at a loss of words, not knowing how to react. This woman knows everything about me. She's been telling how nurture false hopes which crash as the year unfurl itself. She is right. I need to look up to a new beginning, getting rid of the mental blocks and negative thoughts that affect my life.
"Anything else?" I ask.
"No," she smiles. "You've read my mind and you already have all the answers. I shall leave now. Time for a new beginning and forget that we ever met, made love and helped you to see the real picture.
The mysterious woman, draped in long, white robe bend towards me to forcefully smooch me for the longest time. She seductive says, "This is the longest kiss. It will remain etched in your soul, reminding you every second that a new beginning is not just lofty thoughts, words but you must sprang into action. Make your life worth it every moment. You deserve happiness and joy because you are a special person who is destined to achieve extraordinary things in life. Happy New Year."
Slowly, she turns into ashes and what remained was dust scattered on the marble floor in the kitchen. 'It's a New Beginning.'
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