Soaring spirits of soul in the new season

The bells chimed to glory,
fire crackers flung to an escalating high reaching the blue sky.
Soaring spirits renew hope and strengthening bond.
Promises unkept, turning a leaf on past glory and disappointment,
as souls are born again.
Embracing the world like a new born, eyes sparked with curiosity to explore brand new avenues and never shying away from pushing the self towards the edge.
There shall be unplanned friendship, new love and falling from grace.
Yet! The modest heart shall not be trapped in the illusion of grandeur or mysticism of the world.
Life shall knock the self down,
nursing the wounds, one shall get up slowly, facing adversity and brushing aside sobbing story.
A new beginning is on the way.
Fierce and daunting spirit to lift all souls together,
singing the song of life.
Three cheers to the New Season.
Happy New Year 
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