Bond of friendship

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It's a connect we have with like minded souls. It started with some silly bickering in football ground as we were teens..not really!silly me.We moved on with time. Perhaps, there was this innate jealousy in me. He's a smart dude surely loved by gals as I was struggling to be accepted. We met quite a few times, then on Facebook. We connected as we met 2 years back.
Sam..my new found buddy or the brother with whom we both are able to connect. We are like minded as fellow humans. In a nutshell, he's one great guy with whom I am able to connect. We both share the same values, have different ethical perspectives on life. We spoke about the girls who were part of our life. How we connect with each other has surely got god's hand or some invisible power in that. People do connect and when it matters it matters the most. The start of a beautiful friendship among equals and it got to do with our respective education and our unwillingness to accept things in the order it is.
I have always believed in the values of being genuine to fellow human beings. I don't need to jump on a roof to tell you that I care about human values and emotions in life. It shows on one's face. If you are fake with people, giving the impression or being plain diplomatic, the insincerity shows. It's what Stephen Covey calls, the emotional bank account. You gotta invest and you will reap the dividends and the rate of interest.It goes the same with your relationship with people, be it with the family or an organisation. Invest in people and they shall reward you with the dividends in life.
I used to be very unsure about myself and had a myopic view of life at some point. Then,everything changed. For starters, I am a sucker of human emotions and quite stupidly, I wanna be accepted among people and would try to suit the requirements of common accepted goals to fit in. But, realised that it's not the way and being myself is the best way to live life fully. There are so many of us who refuse to see the inner reality. Just be genuine and you will win so many friends for life.
Today I am a happy men with so many genuine people around. Sport a smile and you'll get one in return. Sameer or Sam is one of the few genuine people with whom I can be myself. A friend, a brother who has always been there..giving genuine, mature advice and who understand the intricacies of life. A rare quality which so many of us lack. As I always say, I love being with like minded people and been blessed to have genuine persons in my life. Cheers to that brother and our bonding.
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