Paint the Town Red

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I have a wish to make.
I wanna paint the town red with your name all over.
I wanna compose and sing a song for you.
O! Baby! Sing and dance for me. Be my muse for ever.
You were the mysterious girl till we met and danced till the wee hours of the morning.
Be my lyrics. Be my music till my breath.
You are my oxygen, my heart beat.
You are the one coz you only makes the music click in my heart. 
Let's paint the town red with your name.
It shall be all over the place as you see the town with my eyes.
Together we shall! Shall we dance in the town!
Let's shed our inhibitions and make love in the town.
It is our own. Why should we be afraid of the world.
The town shall bow to us as they see Red in their faces.
Moral policing shall see red all over as they forget their politicking.
let's set an example for all lovers to follow.
We shall be fearless as we take on the world.
Adam and Eve did it.
We shall make history as lovers.
What do we fear? Society!! We are society and we lay down our rules.
Let's screw them, their crass moral rules.
It's time to change the laws, moral crass. We will create our own rules as we shall follow them.
Let's paint the town red.
Red is the colour of love, romance and sex.
We've been told never be shy to fall in love.
Indeed, love is the most beautiful and natural feeling.
It happens when we least expect it.
Love, the most powerful emotion and feeling in the world.
Imagine, we win hearts and conquer the world.
Still, it's just four letter words, L O V E.
Yet, there is so much power in these beautiful words.
We didn't shy to fall in love.
We just need to embrace love and tell the world,
Yes, we are in love.
Let's paint the town Red.
The time has come.

Happy Saturday.Spread Love N cheers 
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