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Over the last two months, there's been several book fests to celebrate the World Book Day which took place sometimes back. The idea is to encourage more people to take interest in reading since many of the young minds are too much stuck in their academic books in a bid to score high marks and become toppers. It's an irony considering the definition of an educated person is that he is someone who learn about intellectual, spiritual and physical development and the learned soul has a fair amount of knowledge about culture. Books is an answer to the cultural part of education. It's a sad fact that the last book someone read was at the time they were doing their graduation. It is a sad fact.
It doesn't apply to countries like India where people are exposed to reading books, novels and non novels where books are sold like like peanuts. There is the hunger to read and learn and new budding authors are coming and trying to connect with the new generation. I am speaking of Mauritius where I am currently based. True it is a small market and people are not exposed to the reading culture so much. The education system has been built in a manner where emphasis is being laid too much on academic education and there is no real effort on the part of the government to promote reading. There are timid efforts. In some places, books are overpriced and it is one particular bookshop which is spearheading all efforts towards reading. Sad! They need many more bookshop like this one who sell books at an affordable price to encourage reading. Reading is bliss.
They held two such book fairs and I bought some books on my first visit. Decided that I will not buy any next time I visit but boy, I ended up buying books worth Rs 1,500. Boy!! The temptation is too luring to resist. A book exhibition is being held today at a place call the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre. Thought that I will skip this one. Later, realized that I love books too much to give it a miss. It is very attractive since there will be international authors and publishers attending the event as I look forward to meet some of them and click some pictures A book lover like em cannot afford to miss the event. Hopefully, I shall meet some publishing houses and discuss about mu collection of short stories that I am currently writing.
I know that I have been slacking with my writing and I need a desperate push to renew with my writing. I am looking forward to the month of June since I have quite a few interesting off days.Lotsa Sundays and Friday and it's boon to pen my stories. I shall rush to the event now and will let you guys know how it was. With photos of course.
Enjoy the ride and read beautiful books. Next week, I shall start with RK Narayan's Bachelor of Arts and Shobha at 60.

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