Sex up your orgasmic pleasures

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Good sex, bad sex, pleasure sex...Let's hear it all for your referencing pleasures, sensual orgasm....
Time pass sex-sprang out of boredom 
Buddy sex-Friends with benefits or no strings attached sex
Grown up sex-arrrg! is there anything called as such
Mature sex-as if 35 plus old sex..wanna know it ain't different from our version of sex..u wanna say ours is a mature..uncles and aunties sex is sex
Fun sex-sex on the beach or in the car amidst loud music
Same sex-homosex and lesbians sex..some chicks get a libido viewing homo sex and guys sexual adrenaline rushes in for lesbians kissing and screwing it the right way.
Sexting-haha sms about sex..having sex on sms..plzzzz note chat sex or Facebook sex.undressing and having sex over chat. Now, speak about faking an orgasm..yeah!that's it
Summer sex-nopes people do have sex in both winter and summer. Though they mite do it differently.
Spicy sex-spice your sex love with strawberries,goji berries, ginger, chilly. Now, that's a red hot sex.
Kamasutra sex- As we pay obeisance to our forefathers, we indulge in different sexual positions in the hot tube, the tble and living room. By the way, have you heard of bicycle or car position?Lolzz, just kidding.
Monday blue sex- the perfect way to kick the Monday blues..wake up very early....have great, passionate sex. Go back to sleep,wake up and have sex again. Then, get dressed for office. Nothing better to beat the Monday Blues..Or call it,blue sex.Paint your room blue, dress in blue and paint your body Blue.
Weekend sex-rent some raunchy DvD's. Don't step out of home during the weekend. Buy wine beforehand, switch off the cell phone and landline, close the door and don't open it for anyone. In short, withdraw yourselves from the world and have full on sex.
Beach water sex-For a change, rent a car to Goa. Get naughty on the beach and have sex in sea water. Wow! What a therapy! Beach water sex. The best sex therapy ever. Never tried it but have a sex feeling that I'm gonna love it!!!!!
Friday sex-Friday end of the week where you slogged your ass in the office. Plain ude-u gotta get laid. Take your partner to some happy hour... Fuck the Friday release. Have lotsa beer, cuddle and kiss as it's the first step to goodie goodie sex..Sex-it up in the car,then continue it in the bathroom where you partner shall soap you all over the body. You do the same to her. Have spa sex as an alternative.Then, dim the light as you celebrate Friday sex in the bathroom. After all, you deserve Friday sex.
Sex it up.
Have great sex.
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