Afridi!Poor loser!Wicket dropper

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O!Afridi!Dear Afridi! Are you ill?We Indians are praying that you shall get well soon..O!Boy!We can understand being rammed and slammed by India in the semis is making you sick..Jawab dena pada hai na Pakistani government ko na!Hum log samaaj the hai.
We Indians are very big hearted and during the World Cup we went out of your way to welcome the Pakistanis whom we consider as brothers and sisters. You know why?Because we consider you guys to be one of us sinve we come from the same soil.
Now, what's wrong wid you boy?At one moment, you love us. The next moment you term us as unloving people and we have to go a long way to become like pakistanis. You even went further saying that all peace talks between India and Pakistani should be scrapped since you don't wanna any peace with us.O!Afridi boy!Poor loser!Wicket dropper! I'm sure the loving people in Pakistan must be laughing at your idiotic antic. So desperate boy, to get the love of your people and justify your ineffectiveness on the field. Boy! Concentrate on your game and be a good boy.
O!Afridi! What a brainless asshole you are! You may well join the Taliban or the hardliners who preach hatred in the world. Or, were you threatened by them to make anti-Indian statements? Very possible,everything is possible boy..O!Afridi boy. It's a way to hide the effectiveness of your who were slammed by India at Mohali. At least!Boy! Take a leaf from Sachin. The more successful he becomes, the more self-depreciating he is. Try at least once to be humble and stop being so arrogant coz a jackass like you doesn't deserve.
What happened boy?Looks like you still haven't digested the defeat. I believe that sports makes one become more wise,intelligent, respectful but unfortunately, I can see any one of these qualities in you.Poor boy!One day you love us!The next you hate us..telling we are not capable of any love.Listen boy. We Indians don't need any lesson from you.
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