Waiting for his prey

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Preying on his target the hunter sits and wait in the scorching sun.
He has been waiting since the wee hours in the morning.
Yet,not a single animal came.
He was praying that even if he gets a rabbit,his kids would not sleep on an empty stomach.
He's perspiring and left his gun to drink some water from the lake.
He heard the tiger roars and could hear the animal thumping its claws.
He could sense the presence of the animal.
He jumped on his feet and came back to the spot.
His gun didn't moved.
Yet, there were no signs of the animal.
He felt asleep and when he woke up there were no signs if animals, forests.
The trees and branches were not moving.
He again went to the lake to drink water,thinking today is yet another day.
As he bend his head on the surface of the water, a valiant force dragged him inside.
He was too frozen to cry for help.
His body flaoted on the water surface.
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