Mug crazy!dis one red Nescafe

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A new coffee mug adorns my kitchen collection since yesterday. Been eyeing the bright red Nescafe mug on the shleves of supermarkets since the last four months. Buy a 200 grams Nescafe and get a complimentary cup as gift. I've been an avid collector of mug since I realised it. But, can't recollect since when? Must be during my college days in Pune. Still remember a fancy mug bought in a 49&99 gift shop..Well got it for 99 bucks..Good deal. It was at Sagar Arcade on FC Road.Sweet memories. Yes! Indeed!
Got lotsa mugs at home.Me keep buying them and have a similar fetiche for pens of all kinds.Historically cannot write with a single pen and need to experiment with different inks. same thing with mugs.Lost a prized, yet cheap maroon mug in office. Last week, Mom bought two nice an dattractive maroon coloured mugs. It's crazy but I am beaming like a child at the sight of my red coloured Nescafe mug. There is smiley on both sides of the beautiful designed Nescafe mug. Thank you, Nescafe.
Like a child possessively grabbing a toy, I can't let ma Nescafe mug go beyond my sight. I had coffee in it thrice since the last 36 hours. But, the same cup, same colour, same design,it's not ma first Mug. Had a similar Nescafe mug in Pune and bought a Nescafe box for 100 bucks just for this mug. When I moved to mumbai,left it in Adi's flat, at least for the sake of his memory for our crazy times together. But, this time I ain't let this one go, far away from my eyes. I love my mug. I just can't get over it. I'm a jilted lover for my red coloured mug. Bright and sexy and it spell romance and lust.
What say?!My mug,O!my mug. 
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