Vaada raha..Poonam Pababe jus do it

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A vaada is a vaada is a vaada..Pan..babe of the Poonam, you promised to strip for our Indian team and for Indians..Remmember, vaada kiya to nibhana padega na...R u waiting for Vijay Mallya permission to strip??Ooops!U wanna King Fisher beer.It's my favourite and I can offer u  a whole pack of KF.
Now, stop dilly-dallying n just do it..don't worry bout moral police..No one listens to Shiv Sena or Raj Thackeray nowadays.I'm sure Team India will be happy for the treat. We are Indians and know how to take care of the fucked up extremists-cum-hardliners..Phuleeze u can take care of them.I'm sure if you strip for them as well, they will look for other issues. Who doesn't know Raj Thackeray???
I'm not bantering dear Poonam..You started it and I'm just following...I 'm ain't no sexually deprived specie nor am I saying that I am waiting for you to strip. Cricket is a religion in our country and a promise is a dharma..Don't be an adharma.Like Team India fulfilled the nation's expectations,we expect you to strip..I may well watch and.....I refrain from saying anything...m just not promising anything to you, dear Poonam.
For the next fifteen days, I shall be more regular on blog.Past the cricket frenzy, watched Man U beat Chelsea at Stamford bridge. On another day, I woul've been flying with excitement. But, I'm not yet over our fantastic cricket final against Sri Lanka..Victory hangover, as one may call. Still don't believe that we made such a fantastic finish to life the World Cup. That's what champions are all about. Watch for some more posts on cricket related stuffs. Then, I beckon to move on!!!Or, may be!!!It's a world of sixers and centuries.
Got myself a new pair of Levis Denim from Turkey..Nopes, I didn't go there but paid a hefty Rs 3,400 something for it..Crazy,na!But,indulge yourself,once that's my motto and buckets converted into blue denims. Luckily, cricket dominated the eventful Levi's and it took a back seat.

Poonam, Dear Poonam, we haven't forgotton you.If you cannot fulfill the promise of our heroes and a nation,please don't make empty promises. Think twice before you strip,pardon..leap..Just Do it

Just Kidding
Nopes Poonam,this kidding stuff doesn't apply to you.

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