Seasons change, Relations change

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 Computers crash, people die, relationships go haywire...the best u can do is breathe n reboot. How true and how  computers and our lives have a strange but close relationships. Well, seen this profile update on my friend's G chat, Seasons change, Relations change and People change. It really hurts a lot when people who matters a lot to us suddenly start behaving so strangely and weirdly as if we never existed. It creates a lot of hurt in us as we ponder, what have we done to deserve all this and it takes us a while to come to terms with it. As a result,,we end up becoming ruthless and wanna hit back on people. We may become so insecure on entering into a new relationship as we know that if things may not turn up in our way, we may may end up hurting ourselves a lot. Some of us often end up being a recluse or enter platonic relationship, being buddy relationship with benefits like plain sex at will since it is fulfilling our needs.Well, well..things happen that way but we would not certainly risk a beautiful relationship with close friends just to fulfill some sexual needs. It will instantly kill the relationship.
Was speaking to a friend yesterday. She was telling me how S on whom she had a crush has started behaving strangely. S used to come to her flat and they would naturally hang around for coffee and all. They were kind of enjoying being together but for some reason or another, they were not dating. Then , there was the pretty T who was a good mate of my friend. They were staying in the same flat.Last week,T happened to see S but as she wanna say hi to him, the latter turned his back on her.How insensitive and ungentlemanly!!!I mean,it's so weird, not to say cheap! A case in point as to how people change with times.
There are people with whom we spent wonderful times together and we cherish every moment of being together. But, when the other person behaves in a weird manner, albeit,refusing to acknowledge our existence, be it through sms,mail, chat or face to face it really disappoints us. We wanna know the reason for the change of feelings.What harm have I done to him or her?Has they got new friends who replaced us in their hearts..Is it way to say dude we moved on!Yeah dude, fine we all need to move on..but, there are certain relationships for which respect must be given, certainly we weren't time pass friends, nor were we fuck buddies. We did spent wonderful times and promised that we will always think of each other and fondly remember the wonderful moments spent together.
By nature, I am a very emotional moments when it comes to friends and my loved ones. There are some friends with whom I'm in touch and am always the first to say hi on phones or via chat. There are others with whom we are not really in touch.But, the distance always melt my heart as I fondly remember moments spent together as if it was just yesterday. My good wishes remain forever with them and pray to god that they do very well in life. i wonder what my life would've been without them. I've grown as a person as like radio mirchi RJ used to say yeh college ki uaadein hamesha saat rahenge I say yeh doston hamesha zindagi mein saath denge..
However, there were some disappointments my friends as you chose to turn a deaf ear to my existence..you don't wanna reply to my Hi..It hurts and pains me a lot but then that's life. I will always think good of you and wish that there is a change of hurt and when we meet, we shall run, hug each other and fondly recollect our college days memories where we laughed so much with each other.
Never mind, I am also eternally grateful to God that there friends who still matters a lot. When the call, I get such a high from life as I thank the sky for blessing me with such great friends and human beings.We may not be in touch every day but I know they care a lot for me and when we speaks, I can feel the warmth and love. At least, seasons may change but the relationships with some people has withstood the test of time and will always.I recognize them.
Time may come and go.
But, you were the ones who were always with me and remained so forever.
You were my friend and was the one I could turned to in times of distress.
You were my support and was always there, reassuring me.
Time elapsed.
Yet, you changed as I ponder, what have I done to you my friend.
You just went way like the end of the season, never to come back.
Yet, I shall always keep you in my heart.
You are special to me.
Remember, we have fond memories of life spent together.
Perhaps, destiny has some other plans.

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