Supa Saturday Diary

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GAME showing @10 a.m on this to be wonderful Saturday in a theatre next to me. That was the plan to wake up@ 8.30 a,m and jump straight to catch the movie. Woke up at 9 a.m and rushed to watch the morning and reached there with 5 minutes of lateness. It remind me of college days where we would skip lectures and go for m'in show. Remember, one Sunday I caught Dhoom at 10 in the m'nin at E-Square, Pune.
The only good thing about Game was Abhishek Bachchan, He gave such an endearing performance and looks natural in both the role of the gang lord and the undercover cop. Full on credit to him. Sadly, the script should have been better developed and bring more surprising elements. There is no suspense and part of the climate should have been edited. That said, Game is high on style and low in substance. Go for it if you are an Abhishek fan.
Back to basics. Came back straight from the movie and met family friends for lunch. The topic of discussion was something very eventful which was gonna happen later in the afternoon. We did not speculated nor did we make an assessments of things to be. For such things, better to keep the suspense going and later react after the suspense done. Or else,it kills the fun or the mocking bird,I shall say.
At 2 p.m, I gave some Economics tuition to 2 students who came..It's been going on for two months and quite interesting. I had the pleasure of welcoming a new students as both are preparing for their A-level cum HSC exams. It was wrapped up at 3.30 p.m.
There comes the biggie of the biggie, the clash of the titans..I'm having goosebumps, feeling signs of tremor and heart attack. I'm hyper watching the obvious..Is life a great party??I doubt and fingers crossed at the end of the first innings..I speculate on runs and matters of overs..We discuss with each other,viz, friends on FB. Now what's gonna happen!!Are we gonna win or lose on home turf..I'm quite positive and optimist, a far cry from my upbeat mood before the start of the clash...Second innings start, we slowly progresses..still optimist.Oh!No! Drama unfold itself in Mumbai and what is wrong with the Gods!!!!!Pray!Pray!Pray! There is no remedy and a non-believer of forms gave way to prayers..Too much is at stakenow!!!Our man is out..I'm shattered,heart broken but no time to demystify things..We are still losing hope on Facrbook and Twitter.
Seems like prayers are answered and it looks like we are back..the Game movie have done sum unbelievable therapy. We still lagging behind and it looks like we can still notch it..We aren't there yet..The most tense moments of life unfurls itself and many in the world must have felt the same..Nerve-racking tension, high BP goes unchecked..The boys hits a six and the magical moment came..I jumped and yelled. No prize for guessing. We have just won the World Cup. India!India!India! India are the world champions of cricket. What a Saturday! What a night for crazy cricket lovers and the entire nation. I skipped alcohol for three months and it's the time for celebrations. I am at it again.. Absolutely dramatic as I drain down my Absolute Vodka with Orange. I still can't believe it. It's been a night of the night. An ode to master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Captain Dhoni, Gautam Ghambir, Yuvraj Singh and the entire team India. Wankhede stadium roared in applause.

P.S: Two days after the big win, I still have the hang over of the match which made us World Champions. It will not be forgotton soon. A supa crazy, awesome Saturday.
With Love.

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