Illusion of Life

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On our way to reach a new high in life, we roll the grass into the cigarette rolls.
To accompany us into our journey, we blast rock music as we inhale our first, second and third puff as we pass the joint.
We are attaining salvation and are taken in another world.
Suddenly, we feel our bodies are slowly moving upwards as we see the earth and its people.
It's another world we are in, free from material bondage and attachment.
Slowly, we are nearing the sky, birds and angels.
Alas!The more we feel we gotta reach them, they are moving far away from us.
Salvation is a long distance call.
To reach there, we shall meet stumbling blocks and pass through a long journey filled with riddles.
Some call it the longest journey of life.
Who needs holy men, babas to guide us to the road less travelled?
It's something to be experienced from within and seen through our own eyes and  to feel within. 
Suddenly, we are brought down in the world habitated by humans, animals, cars and buildings.
As try get up, I see that everubody are sleeping.
Sonali is smiling in sleep and she's travelling with Amit, Shiji and Adi.
I shall not disturb them and let them enjoy the high, the other world bereft of sensual pleasures, materialistic pursuits.
I take a cigarette and goes for a walk to see the sunrise.
I experienced beauty and am going to admire the aesthetic scenery.
As for the rest, they shall be brought back to the earth and follow their steps.
Nothing is permanent in life.
Beauty is felt from within. 
Life is something to be felt deep inside, not necessarily to experienced.
I call it Good Morning.

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