Gifts wrapped with love and affection

Great Goals Require Great Passion.
I received this small gift from aunty. I have placed it near to my desktop so that everyday when I wake up it's right in front of me and I am reminded of my dreams and goals in life. Caught in the humdrum of our life and when our odd hours of work start taking a toll on us, we tend to forget that we exist together with our aspirations. It's a gift that I shall cherish throughout my life. A great gesture which speaks volumes as to how much your loved ones care for your well-being.
A gift must not be something very expensive. What matters is the intention with with a person offers you something. A small action which speak volumes and shows the person hold a special place for you in their matter.
I have observed that so many people shower expensive goodies for birthdays, Diwali, X-mas or New Celebrations. It's a blatant and arrogant display of money. Or, when someone is conferred a gift, he or she is not satisfied since it doesn't carry huge monetary value. You don't have the bucks and your girl friend birthday is coming. No problem. Save bucks and surprise her with flowers and chocolates.Inside the cadbury wrap, write a small poem. Say it with flowers and chocolates and you win the lady's heart. She'll know how much you love and care for her and she will say, "so sweet,my poochie po."
The theory of gift nowadays has heightened to a materialistic level and represents a huge source of revenue for advertisers and shops alike. I am not saying that I am against expensive gifts but rather, mo matter what gift one chose to offer to someone it should be given with pure attention, warmth and love. The time the person unwrap the gift, he or she should feel your love and warmth in it and as if you are inside the gift smiling.
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