Rockstar year 2011

Jan 2,2011: Wow!Incredible!Isn't it? We all waited for the day to come and it smoothly crept in as the crackers split,wishes for a brilliant new year poured in. A brand new decade with promises to be fulfilled. As I look back at the decade that was and how life changed with the kind of people we've met and the masti we had in college.
This year I've decided to make things happen and not gonna rely on destiny to change my passion. As Chanda told me yesterday when I've called him to extend my New Year Wishes, the passion must burn inside our heart so that we can achieve our dreams. Indeed, I'll be penning a script for my short film, my memoir on my wonderful college days and the publication of my short stories in novel form. It gonna happen and me gonna work on it religiously.
The time has started to work out on things and stick to it. It's a brilliant year 2011 and a year of achievemnts. Have fun gals n guys.
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