All that I want

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All that I want from Life.
It's all bout me,me and me.
I wanna some love N fun in life.
It is my life and wanna live on my own terms.
I dunno to be judged on what I do.
All that I want,.
The Moolah,to buy by branded stuffs,travel.
Wanna treat myself with mint-choco icecream.
All that I want.
I want affection,respect,requited love.
I want to drive a nice car.
A BMW will do,
A Porsche will be on the top of the list.
A bungalow by the seaface.
All that I want.
A beautiful girlfriend.
All that I want.
Travelling to an exotic place in the world.
People not saying no to me.
A home theatre to feel the movies.
My novel published.
Make a movie.
Become world famous.
Win the filmfare award.
Walk and sizzle on ramp.
Act in a movie.
Be in the same frame as Amitabh Bachchan.
Being lost in thoughts.
All that I want.
To dream a lot.
To be myself.
All that I want,
Is very less than the whole world want.
I just want and want.

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