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The perk of being back to blogspot.I'm loving it like lovers of Donalds. Me enjoying the benefits of being a bachelor,an unmarried young men.No live-in partner in ma room who constantly driving me nuts to jump with her on the bed.Or,the common female antics,will you stop typing at this odd hour.I need to sleep.Stop being blog obsessed.
Blog obsessed.I confess to be one.Blog spot happens to be one of the bestest,cutest and smartest things that can happen to an otherwise,not so exciting life.Lull seemed to set in but was offset by a kick-ass conversation with a Dear friend who lifted me out of pessisim,negativity. Words always carry a potent meaning to life. In any case,if you seem to be confused with this post,just plain ignore coz God alone knows what I'm getting into. Got no clues on the final outcome of this otherwise non-sensical post.
What to call myself?Bachelor in need of cuddling,single dude needing a chick.Ha!Just joking. This man clearly seemed bored in the early m'nin. Ma God!Yet another week of slogging the ass syndrome!I getting all kinds of S-factor nowadays. There is the eye which is demanding rest,there is the fingers who wanna type on the key board. What is that yaar?Confused bout life,women,career and almost anything to everything.Guess,the brains need help. An intellectual stimulation and space between cells to think.I wanna yell,space out.From gentle soul to naughty one. Am I sounding like those despo TV channels in need of TRP..read stats here.Blogspot!How I love you!U my muse,ma gal friend,wanna make love to..Hell bent to love and love making. Something,something must be wrong and been getting to my brains.Oh!Watched Koffee with Karan today and the mad caper,crazy stuffs celebs do must be getting on my mind. Another syndrome leaps forward.
I sit,I think,I observe,I write. But, no following guidelines and norms.I jus hate such stuffs and all. Do I need a crash course in morality?Don't ever do that coz I may end up discussing sex,porn stuffs with the great master.I shall be banned forever and guilty of making the guy suffering from a massive cardiac arrest.Me turning his dutiful,right life into a mess and he shall invoke the Gods to spit their anger on me. I'm mortified at the time of the day and at least,I think so.
I know..me been an asshole right now. At least,this post says so and an ode to blog lovers...comments..see I know u guys are lazy since you visit the blog and don't wanna coment.Make ur silly minds work,it's a mental ejaculation drop a few words and no one shall stop you from making it big.
Chees to the m'nin.
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