Have you ever wondered why do people lie constantly and at every end in all walks of life?True,there are white lie and I'm the first to admit that I've lied to cover up. But, worse there are obsessive,pathetic liars who fake it up at every end. It's an absolute no no and such jerks do such stuffs unabashedly.
Do we really impress upon people to gain audience or to protect  ourselves from the ire of society. Simple rule:When we lie we are not fooling others, we end up fooling ourselves. Dumb are those who think the others are foolish. They themselves are not idiots. No one is an idiot. I think it got to do with someone with an insecure nature and afraid of life. Such people have faced lies in life and were not treated very well by someone. If one learn to respect himself or herself, no one, I repeat no one can ever make us feel inferior or low. I think liars have this quality in them..if quality is a term apt to describe them. They feel that possessing the flair of lying is a quality.
I have observed that in office the shrewed manipulators will constantly tell lies to break the unity or show their superiority. To prove my case of insecurity, the man or woman will lie to be in the good books of the boss or they may be vying for promotion which they think they can't seal through sheer capability. Add another trait of blatant liars is an inferiority complex that they have nurtured in life. From my own perspective, they need help and gotta consult a psychiatrist to help them out and as it is it not a grave illness but proper channeling is needed and certain incidents which propelled them to lie should be worked upon. It happen since they are unsure of themselves and are oblivious of the real them. It may be a childhood incident which took place and which has remained entrenched in their own self. It has resulted in a fear that perhaps people will hurt them. It gives an immense boost to their ego and they often adopt this approach known as defense mechanism to protect them. They are probably wary of goodness in life.
Reacting to a lies and liars shouldn't be fraught with anger or hatred. As it is nothing happens without reason and there must be a reason behind this. We should try to understand and perhaps help them. However, if we observe that their problem is mental,just give them sign that we are not just interested and are a bad catch,give them some sign of irritation such as a keen disinterest with their ranting or plain ignore them. They will understand.
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