Q's &A's for X-mas-merrily yours

Merry X-mas. Tonite is the nite.My faviourite X-mas color?
Red of course. Coz it stands for anything bright,love and romance of course.On any normal day,White coz it stands for positivity, brilliance and purity.

Who doesn't love flowers. It's the perfect gift to sweep the ladies off the feet. You can win hearts. Can't say it with words,just say with flowers.

Life is a celebration. Make everyday Xmas day,Diwali. Celebrate our state of being and there's neva a dull moment in life.Live the passion and be passionate bout everything that click. Life is meant to be colourful,our mint chocolate.

The most beautiful expression of emotions. Feelings shouldn't be supressed but nurtured and expressed every second and minute.kiss is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.

What I'm wearing right now?
Yaar what do u expect?It's night time and a green shorts gifted by Mom and red Tee-It's Xmas and it's not over yet. A perfect romance on my way to dreams.Sweet dreams,kisses.
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