New Year bells ringing. The party gonna rock ,an ode to the dancing stars. The Great Decade gonna pull to an end?00.00hrs Saturday. We shall drink to the stars and welcome a new era. Time to bid farewell to 10 years of greatness,fulfillment and magic. As we enter with our magic lamp in a brand new year and decade with a twinkle in our eyes, the child in us shall be delighted while opening our eyes. Woohoo!I'm new to this world. We become a new born again and getting acquainted with the new world.

World Greatest Baby,that's me. Pampered to the maxi..Who doesn't love pampering,cuddling.Love rocks,life rocks, the bomb chika rocks. Hieeehieeee. Dancing and singing Paapaaapaaa.An ode to the world,to love and life.
The problem with us, human beings is that we always keep postponing things and years passed and we just sit,Oh!Man!This year passeth and still I'm back to square one. Time to act,baby and 2011 shall be the year to work slowly on stuffs that we must do. The end results will be simply beautiful. I have decided to pursue my dreams,have you?
I've been fidgeting with the idea of publishing my collection of short stories. Unfortunately, it's not happening and from January,I ain't going to sit and say tomorrow I shall write. This time,I shall stick judiciously to my work and sitting for at least for 2 hours,thrice in a week with my brains,pen,paper or Key pad. We have our assets, our intellect and no mother fucker can take it away from us. We dream of flying high with our dreams and visions and we shall take it up to the sky. A life without dreams or passion is not worth living.
What's your 2011 dreams and goals?Jot it on paper and let's see in a matter of years. Believe me ,it's gonna be a magical year when the world will take a bow and say This is the babe or dude and he's an inspiration to us. If He Can,We Can.
The one&only
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