Celebration time, dating and TMK

Hey beautiful People,holla..Cheerz to all gorgeous babes and the dudes of the world. I know you guys kinda buzzy preparing for X-mas and New Year. Which is d most happening party in town and where to attend. Well,anticipation for the upcoming year and a small appraisal on the year which is in the process of passing away. What clicked and what didn't. Your mantra, my mantra and sab ka mantra.
Whooa!Just watched the promo of Tees Maar Khan with Akshay Kumar and Shenaz Treasurywala where Akki speaks on TMK, Katrina and the biggest con of the year. Hold your breath. 4 more days to go and me can't wait to watch TMK and already gung-ho on TMK title song and Sheela Ki Jawaani. As I look on the year that was, I've been single and at one point, feel very happy to have my space, doing things on our own. The best part of being singleton.Here its is, no worry of expectations in a relationship and you do things on your own. But, at the same time, I also suffer from a crisis. Yes! I admit that am confused. If the real me is happy being single, on the other hand, I long for someone in my life. It's been two years since we called it quits. But, now it's time to hold someone hands at the coffee shop,kissing and cuddling and other perks that come with dating and relationship. Speaking in relationship, I believe that when you are young , you don't enter a relationship that thinking that it's for ever. The forever thing doesn't work as such. It might in some cases but most of the time, nature of relationship changes. We all know that a relationship is not expected to last forever. It's all about experimenting,baby and moving on with life. We all need someone at some point in life, a shoulder to lean and being together in this journey called Life. All my relationship has been a learning experience and I do not regret anything.
True, I was hurt by some relationship due to too much expectation or because things didn't turned the way it should. But, that ain't sopping me from getting in a new relationship with someone. We must never say NO to relationship who can take us to places and elevate us towards self-growth. That's why I say now to the teenage dudes and babes that you should never say NO. Post break up, it's quite normal to feel down. But, baby life goes on and there is always someone whom you can date for fun. At this age, we don't wanna be serious in a relationship.
NOW, before those so-moral policing try to blast me, I go on and spread love and cheers.Babes N Dudes enjoy d party and have fun. Those who are singles I wish they will no longer be in 2011.
Love N Live life fully
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