Summer Love

It was the start of the summer in the Oxford of the East
They met in the lush,green campus surrounded by trees.
He asked for direction to his class.
It was his first day in university.
She smiled wistfully
"That way."
He was surprised when she entered the class.
They met for coffee and studied together.
In a matter of time they fell in love.
It was silent and both of them knew it ain't gonna be forever.
They held hands in the multiplex.
In three months, their course would get over.
She would fly back to stay with her parents.
Perhaps, they would never ever met.
He introduced her to the art of reading with passion.
Both of them became avid readers.
The Harry Potter series,Arundathi Roy's The God of Small things, A suitable Boy and many more.
They couldn't get over each other.
A love to be felt and the summer attraction.
They never talked about being together,forever.
Sometimes,they would cuddle,make love love.
There was nothing physical in it.
They were not attached.
It was spiritual.
Like all things,it had to end.
They didn't said anything,nor shed a tear.
They just departed.
As the winter step in,
Their love faded into physical oblivion.
What remained were ruins of memory.
A summer love.
They shall wait for the next summer.
Never say bye bye.
Good night.
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