Christmas bells

New kid is back on the blog. Hurray!Hip Hip Hurray!As we wait in anticipation for Christmas and  gorging on delightful chocolates, party and after party, I chose Vodka for this Christmas and a good Dvd. Can't wait to watch for Tees Maar Khan, with Akki and Kats. The promos looks exciting and superb this 24 December. Countdown: 12 more days to come and Santa Claus shall sneak into our houses and carefully place beautiful gifts and toys in our clean,polished room. Kids of the world polish your shoes coz Father Christmas shall bless them with Chocolates and gifts.
Some of us will decorate the X-mas tree with miniature decorations and small gift wrap. The old tiresome Father Christmas with a huge bag, filled with toys,sweets and blessings, dressed in red and black boots shall mount an arduous task to reach our homes. He shall climb mountains,climbs and face snows and at midnight, he will reach our homes,tired like hell. We shall be sleeping peacefully while the old man tired will exude a smile to our innocent face and offer us blessings. The time we wake up in the morning, we shall jump with delight as we unfold our gift wrap, unaware of Father Christmas presence. We shall search for him but he is laughing and smiling saying, where are you searching, I am all around,I stay in your heart.
Pals, dear Pals, Father Christmas shall be very tired after visiting so many houses. Put some nice music for him before sleeping and keep some juice for him to drink coz he's very tired and shall be very tired coz there are plenty of children's houses he gotta visit.
Toc,toc Father christmas is knocking on ma door.
Lemme go and see.
bye bye
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