Love ya Fraanship

Akriti and Purab were the best friends in college and they were admired whenthey walked together. Their friends were saying that they make the perfect couple. They weren't dating. They were always together,studying, going for coffee and movies. Two inseperable friends who were not dating each other since they had love interests for different people.
Then, one day it was bound to happen. Puran was falling in love with Akriti. He couldn't muster the courage of telling his best friend, for fear of losing her. He confided to some of his friends and all of them coaxed him to share his feelings with her since they were always together and she would not say no. One fine day he told Akriti that he loves her and he will go to any length to make her happy. She didn't thought twice and slapped him. She let him know that he had hurt her feelings and has ruined their beautiful friendship. She stopped talking to each other. Years passed, they met and started talking to each other and met often. But, things were different.
This is something which affect many of us in college. So many times we fell in love with a very good friend or worst, our best friend. It becomes very delicate and complicated. On one hand, it is a question of telling the other person the truth and on the other hand, there is always a risk of losing him or her. Should we take a risk?
A risk is always a risk. First of all, we must find out if she is going steady with someone. If yes, how serious this person is in its relationship with their boyfriend or girl friend. Perhaps, if we have a chance we should not rush and do it smoothly. Or,say it with flowers and small gestures to make the other person feel that we are caring as a lover. She already knows that we care as a friend but certainly he or she doesn't know us a lover.
Secondly, no matter what position we are,not overindulge her nor overdo things which will scare him or her away. Or, else they might have this misconception that we are some fucking asshole who was just using him or her to date or sleep with. Such acts is a mind blowing recipe to tear apart a Friendship which has taken years to bloom.
Last but not least, always behave normally as possible and do not in any situation act in a weird way. Don't try to be aloof with your best,cute friend or try to be over friendly. Over friendly gesture such as acting like an obsessed lover, potential husband or wife and act like a father or mother. Don't give gyaan such as with whom arr you speaking too long on the phone, why do you smoke too much. Certainly, do not withdraw or cut off contact plus hanging with new set of friends or ignoring her in the campus for the new hottie. Coz when or she finds out the real reason, they will be hurt and it hit the most when your best friend does something like that.
I had been in this situation in college when I fell for this girl who was a very good friend of mine. We were hanging out together and when I asked her out, she countered back saying that I knew that there is someone in her life. Well, I took a risk down the aisle and shared my feeling with her. At first, it was odd with us but later things went back to normal. In a few days, there was her birthday and we went to college,clicked some pictures together, gave her a huge hug. A tight hug indeed! It was awesome. Well, I was fortunate that she understood my feelings and never hurt me,in whichever way. I'm proud such a friend entered my life. I've been an asshole and started behaving weirdly, was rude. I'm genuinely sorry for that and I know that thingy will not be the same again. We moved to different countries.
Yet gain, I disgressed from the main topic:Love ya Friendship. Though,it's sensible not do anything to break the relationship, it is important to share your feeling with your friends with whom you've fallen for. Do it in a subtle manner. Personally, I believe that it is important to keep friendship and love apart. They just don't blend,except in a very few cases and the relationship is bound to be affected in some way. Expectations from each other will stoke up. But, God is not always kind to us. Sometimes, we do fall in love with the best friend and little can we do to change the situation. It is always a risk and we fall in a catch 22 situation. Should we or should we not?Tough and delicate situation. Take some steps but make sure that you don't hurt the other person with whom you shared your dark secrets, had the best laugh with ,clapped hands and cried together in the movies..the magical moments of life. Your take entirely.
With loads of love
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