100 and beyond

Woohoo! Tis the 131st post. The blog celebrated one year on November 20, 2010 and this should have been posted at that time only. Apologies, it escaped the A-Z of my mind and it's coming after one year and one month.It couldn't have come at a better day and time. Yesterday..read a few hours back I wrapped this year's work and I am officially on holiday. What a relief! One cannot express the feeling that you will no longer run under stress to meet deadlines or rush to office early. What better time to enjoy the festive season.
When I started the blog I didn't expect it to gain visibility so fast and today I can proudly say that there are visitors from all over the world. It is an Indian blog and is written with reference to India and very often you will see stories with a strong reference to Mumbai and Pune. It is jazzy, youthful and targeted at the young generation, teenagers, young adults and any one who wanna feel youthful and uber cool. You might be a 60-year-old and if you are young inside, that's the place for you. Today when I check the traffic I am delighted to see that there are visitors not only from India but also from US of A, UK, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Mauritius and many more. It feels nice. I extend my warmest gratitude to Sneha who commented on and off on the space as well as many others who checked the blog but haven't commented. Till now. Guys ans gals! What are you waiting for? There is also Asha and another follower. Thank you, people!
Ok, I wanna be honest on this space. For more than one year, there are some 600 viewers and still counting. True, it's not a three digit or four digit figure but any start is a good start and therefore slowly but surely I shall arrive. Aim was to have some 100 posts but it went beyond them. More important is the love received on this space and that I can express my creative freedom without any form of hindrance. It's icing on the cake.Looking forward to welcome more and more followers and let's make blog spot one big family. The world is truly a global village.
This post makes immense sense as in less than 24 hours I gotta catch a flight to Dubai and then to Mumbai, my adopted home. Friday, I shall be at home in Mumbai. I shall call it homecoming as I shall visit home after 3 years. Could you believe that? Indeed, it's true and time to do lotsa catch up with friends, teachers and visit my alma mater, the one and only Fergusson College. It's holiday times and finally I will be in Goa for new year. It's a holiday I badly needed and was contemplating for holiday since a helluva long time.
I shall not blog for a very long time since I will be busy enjoying moi holiday but I should be here on and off giving updates on my travel. Now time for some light reading and crash. Gotta catch a flight tomorrow.
A big thank you and big hug to blog dosts.
Merry X-mas and Happy New year 2012.
M off for a very long time.

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