Celebrate the woman

O! Woman!
Who stole your affection?
Robbed you of your identity!
Hunger to love, lust, provide emotional warmth and care.
Hiding under the veil,
it's time to break away.
Bear your body and soul naked.
Let them judge for it shows their character not yours.
Discard the cloak of pretense.
True freedom lies flying in quest of your human fulfillment.
Dabbling roles,
they will thrust upon.
Fulfill them at your free will and not to their whims & fancies.
Bare your heart open,
stand naked.
Slap them hard if they dare,
for you are not weak.
False pride and ego,
archaic traditions to exploit you in the name of religion.
Walk your path,
for your eyes never lie.
The fault lies in them.
In the name of religion, caste and gender roles,
they will bark forever!
Be an inspiration to the new generation.
It's your way or the highway.
Shed darkness.
Be upright for your ethics can never be traded.
Barbing insults calling you loose, they will.
Since when, the world has stopped at insults.
Explore the world for it belongs to you.
You don't need a day to celebrate your identity, sexuality and awesomeness.
Happy Women Day

Love N Respect

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