Anushka Sharma trolled: Ugly patriarchy, anyone?!

Frustrated bigots, misogynists and morons occupy every possible space on Twitter. They are not called trolls for no reason and it doesn't matter whether they cheer for the Indian team and the smashing hero, Virat Kohli. They are so dumb that they forget Cricket is a gentleman's game. Blame it on their lack of empathy, self-respect and education, perhaps.
Unfunny assholes need to shamelessly peek into private lives and dragging a lady's name unnecessarily into India's emphatic win against Australia. You know the story, right? Film actor, Anushka Sharma, who is super successful in her own way was dragged by useless people celebrating Virat Kohli smashing success on the pitch yesterday. Worms who come uninvited, living up to the adageMaan na Maan mein tera bin bhulaye Mehmaan. I mean, it's so ridiculous when we see trolls dragging Anushka Sharma into India's win over Australia, bearing the mark of Virat Kohli. It is gross, vulgar and shows a lack of respect by barging shamelessly in the private space of both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, two highly accomplished individuals in their respective professions.
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There is something called, moving on and it's unbecoming in this sheer lack of respect for two individuals who were in a relationship in the past. Credit goes to them for maintaining a dignified silence by not invading each other's space but no some people don't get it. They need to barge in. Dragging Anuska Sharma in every cricket move by Virat Kohli is the stuff desperate and useless people are famous of. No wonder, Twitter has become a slamming ground for every fucking bigot and morons who don't have anything better to do in life.

What a nation we are becoming? Indulging in character assassination, sledging on this pitch called Twitter and slanderous remarks. It has become our favorite sport to shows such lack of respect and human dignity. Respect is something we sorely lack as Twiterrati, be it not battling an eyelid to insult a journalist or someone having a contrarian view or push our ego button to drag Anushka Sharma with the childish jibes. It's so ludicrous.
We can do without some slam show in a bit to show our worth, Tweeple and there are better, intelligent ways to attract attention. Or, is it that the narcissists that we have become on social media need to vent out our daily frustration by pulling a fast on celebrities to gain some mileage? It ain't funny guys to hit someone below the belt.
It shouldn't take a Virat Kohli to remind us how our vile acts characterized a lack of education and cheap to blame someone for his action on the pitch. Credit goes to him for being a gentleman in setting the record straight on the positive role played by Anushka Sharma in his life. Respect that relationship. Ugly patriarchy, anyone?!

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