Desire and love

Tresses of hair stroking her innocent face;
Smile that belie wound and angst:
Soul pierced by dejected and forgotten love buried deep down:
She will not let me enter her heart and soul;
Shoving me violently:
Contented to play with her body,
Gently caressing and kissing her belly,
Frustration gnaws on me:
Our bodies are intertwined together,
Yet our hearts and souls are stranger to each other.
Locking her hair in my fingers,
I stretch them to pain her.
Yet, she is resistant to hurt;
Nothing shall pain her or inject wound to her existence;
Never tired to tell me, you can do whatever you may with my body. It's all yours:
Don't ever think I will let you enter my heart.
We are linked through sheer intimacy and it stops abruptly as we penetrate each other;
What's the point of making love to her? I wonder;
I wave her good bye till she finds another forlorn lover, craving to touch every inch of her skin and breath;
Our hearts can never become one with universe,
No point in fulfilling each other's desire;
She shall remain a muse forever etched in my mind.

With love

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