India vs Pakistan: One Voice always! India! India echoes

A gentlemanly game is truly genderless when men and women find an echo, a common voice to bring a nation together. When you have a common cultural aim in all fun, beat Pakistan? The game is cricket that brings seamless Indians together. Forget the intolerance and war of words among fellas in the country.
Indians swear by cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan and beating Pakistan to maintain our record. When the blockbuster sixer combo is rolled together, you know what happens? Fire sparks. We debate fiercely debating about everything that matters. After all, we are not called Argumentative Indians for nothing? We are at each other's lungs about intolerance, beef ban and extremism on both sides.

The fury is forgotten when the country's monument and national treasure, Amitabh Bachchan recites the national anthem, Jnana Gana Mana with passion and pitching for our win at the stadium with the God of cricket by his side, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Yes, it brought the country together and Team India could do no wrong against Pakistan, maintaining our clean record against our lovable neighbour. We fight on the pitch with good stead. India vs Pakistan that was played on Saturday brought me back to the memory of World Cup in 2011 when we smash and fought it the hard way. India, men and women became one. There was no caste, sex or religion or for that matter, Bhakts or Sickulars. Perhaps, we should coin a new word, Cricket freak. India won not just on but off the pitch.
Beating Pakistan with Virat Kohli smashing it out makes us feel that we have won World War 3 and the T-20 World Cup.
It’s pure ecstasy. We freak out and after all, it's a matter of life-and-death, looking how quickly and back-to-back we lost 3 wickets in the match. It was a close shave and we won by 6 wickets. The best and cherished moment for fans was when Virat Kohli, the man who blasted the match with the memorable shot bowed to The Man who carried Indian Cricket on his shoulders for 29 years, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who gave a thump up, showing his emotions that he never left the game. An inspiration, Sachin Sir remains forever and what moment when the Indian cricket team saluted after the match. It's the kind of emotions that triggers in us patriotism and sense of belonging to the nation, no matter where we live.
India vs Pakistan, the match that frays our nerves and passion be it among commoners or netizens. It's a matter of do or die.
It's been after four years that I followed the match yesterday after I almost courted heart attacks post Pakistan semi and Sri Lanka final in 2011. I vowed that I won't be following cricket after the God, Sachin Tendulkar retired. I kept the promise. But, yesterday, was different and was like the old days. Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar, my icons at Eden Garden cheering against a side we love to see losing and celebrating. Yes! We did! I am not in India right now and was alone at home yesterday. Turned the wardrobe upside down to fish for an old version of my cricket tee.
Team India won! Bleed Blue.

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