FB prompt: Writing for writing sake

Hey folks,
It all started as an idea for a prompt on Facebook tagging few folks on Monday: Have you ever wondered if you wake up one day and lose all your blog followers. You become one illusion. Will you stop writing? I write for myself and will do it for the self..I am my own audience.

Wrote on the FB status on a jest and Soumya was the first one, among many tagged to play along. Here, I come with my own prompt, tagging myself to play the game. Feel free anyone to be a sport for the pure love of writing and rack your creative grey cells.


I write for myself. The emotions are completely mine. After all, I am a human being, I eat, cry, munch chocolates, make love and lust. How writing can be different. The blog or for that matter keying in words is an intrinsic part of my existence and oxygen for survival. Call it, human instinct.
Play a game today: Imagine that I woke up to realize that all blog followers and comments have mysteriously vanished. The FB tribe is not existent and suddenly blocked me. After all, who will read my blog posts now!! I press the panic button. My hits have whittled to zero.

All sacrifice has gone in vain and the hard work poured during the nine years has been washed away by the storm. What the fuck will I do now? I go into a depression mode and hit the scotch bottle, turning into a new age Devdas over the blog. After all, I am a ‘has been’. A Difficult and almost impossible task to accept this writing Tsunami.

It’s gloom and dhoom for couple of days, weeks and months. I pick up clothes and pack my bag on a solo trip.  Inspiration hits like a flash of lightning. After all, my blog is all about my individuality and never wrote anything to please anyone. It’s my human emotion at play and why bother for an audience. I start writing again. After all, I always write for ME, MYSELF. Writing is all about selfish reasons and is food for the soul. In the start, I never craved for attention when the blog was started and wrote at length without being bothered about the audience reaction. It was about free will.

Remember I have a voice. No one on earth can influence or muzzle that distinct voice belonging to me. It’s the true mark of my character as a human being. The pen and thoughts dictate my existence. After all, I am not seeking a stamp of approval from society. Of course, if someone can connect with what I write and not saying agreeing to my stand point, I’ll be happy that we can connect. I seek fulfilment that somewhere, a difference can be made to someone life and bringing a smile to a face (s). After all, isn’t it the true purpose of writing?!

Who says that I don’t bother when no one reads me or the hits are at an abysmal low. Of course, it does! I am human and affected when posts are ignored. I love to write and churn poems that will fetch me hits and words of appreciation. Alas! Hits should not be the sole purpose of writing. Sometimes, the blog works in a tipsy turvy manner when the whole post is lost and the fuck word is uttered out of sheer frustration. I don’t abandon writing and will never.

Love as always

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