God on hot seat-Part 1

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Anuja Rathi wrote an awe-inspiring post where she set a test paper of 22 questions to God. It gave me inspiration here as I quizz God on the state of being and seek my answers to the Great Almighty.Here you are God and be ready to brace yourself to my interrogations. Dunno whether I will get my much sought answers.

God, God, you are the Great Almighty. You are omnipotent, omniscience and the one people turn to in times of needs. My first question: Why do you always test my patience when it comes to my dreams and things I want to achieve in life?Why should I reason with myself that things will come my way and that I should never be impatient and that this is what you have planned in store for me?

Secondly, Why is that I should wait for a very long time and when I feel the time has come and things goes as planned, you play the spoilsport as I sadly witness everything goes awry?

Thirdly, why is that I never find love in life and I end up getting disappointed in my relationships. Every time, I reason with myself that she wasn't meant to be and with this hope I embark in a new relationship. You seem to tell me that I cannot get everything in Life and she wasn't meant to be? If she wasn't why you taught me to love her so much and put my everything at stake?

That's number four: Why is there so much sufferings, amidst war, pain, famine and diseases in life? If you were really God and so perfect as they claim, then such kind of sufferings shouldn't take place. Then, should I assume that you are limited in form, character and power and that there is another super and supreme power who is sitting above you. Certainly, you cannot be all that powerful. If you were, you could have prevented terrorists attacks and save the life of so many innocent lives-children, women and bread earners.

Question no 5: I know that I should do good and kind deeds in Life. I was taught and believe that I should be a good human being. Why is that the human agents to whom I am good do not always return my kind deeds and they can be mean sometimes. Ya!Ya! I know what you may chose to tell: Never expect anything in return. Please! Don't shoot back with the same old, boring and classic lecture. Frankly, speaking I am quite bored of this lackadaisical answer.

Question no.6: Now, this one is very important and most personal: Why is it that my confidence which was upbeat at one time has shrinked and is stumbling further. Why is it that I lose it so often?Me who was always proud of the confidence I achieve. From someone who lacked confidence, I was bestowed with so much confidence and now it seems that you are taking it away from me. But, however you are, I won't let you take my confidence away from me. The day I let it happen, I cease being myself. Better, you get it, this time.

Seventh Question: Why do you like it so much when people revere you and places their soul in your lap? Does it satisfy your ego and take it on you that you will avert any form of calamities for some time. It boost your ego and power, isn't it?You feel like saying see, I can unleash my power to destroy the world if I want to? You tend to become so arrogant, na?

Don't give me this fed up or your wisdom look.Here comes Question no.8:
Why I am so confused about Life and unable to decide what to do? It happens several times and keep happening. Why I feel like an emotional fool sometimes and erase the element of rationality in my mind. Since I am your creation, you should be able to answer that, right?

Number 9: Anuja said it rightly. When do I know when to speak my mind and when not to? At the risk of hurting someone I may not or at the risk of people keeping it against me and may well manipulate against me, I chose not to, again. Dunno what your answer shall be.

Number 10: Why do I suffer from mental blockage several times?
Whenever I sit to write a post or a short story and when I feel I have an idea, I tend to suffer from mental blockage. Are you playing mischief?

Number 11: Why is it so difficult to assert one's individuality in a society blinded by religious prejudices, deep rooted morality and dogma?
I leave this one to you?

Question No 12 is in your face? I challenge your authority. Are you really God and c'mom dude or dudette, prove your existence?
I may attempt to question your own existence. First thing first: Why do people fight over you over the names Ram, Allah and Jesus arguing a part of you is better than the other. Why people is ready to kill in the name of religion, albeit your name as you remain a silent, helpless spectator to that? Well, over to you, Dear God.

Question No.13: What are you thinking right now? Did I shook you the hard way?
Come on answer me. At least I did. After bearing so much, it's a small victory. But, I mean no disrespect as I seek some answers which are largely justified.

Back to me:
Question No 14: Why sometimes I feel that my life is so uncertain?
At some point, I no longer have the urge to fight the demons of Life. To be frank, I am so fed up and uncertain whether I will be able to achieve the stuffs I planned for. I mat chose to turn to you but many times I don't.

Question no 15: Money hai to Honey Hai: Does it sounds true? When will have the moolah so that I will be able to afford holidays and take my mom along to visit places, buy things of my choice without finding a hole in my pocket. Will I have sufficient money so that I can work for myself and not depend on an outside jobs, buy an apartment sea face and buy my favourite car. You will tell me this is materialistic. Well, it is. Are you not materialistic?

Question No 16: Where do you stay God?
In my heart. Well then you should provide for all my answers.

And the barrage of Questions ends here God. Feeling suffocated? Take a chill pill coz the second one will come soon. See ya God. Hope next time you will come prepared and give my answers. I am impatient.

Have a gud day, God

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