Dude Vishal on Chutti?!

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Slog,slog and slog, it's becoming a royal pain the ass.
I long for the great escape, gateway to heaven.
I need a break.
A holiday will do the trick.
An elixir for life greatest tragedy..work

Hey folks, 
I am dying for holidays..do hafte chalega..Will I be able to sing this song...The dude vishal on Chutti?! Taking a leaf on the upcoming flick Mr Batti on Chutti..I feel like saying Battiya jalao mujhe Chutti Chahiye..The million dollar question is and shall remain: Will my desire for 20 days or at worst 15 days holidays be sanctioned. I'm planning for 2 weeks holidays in December. I'm dying to visit Goa, Dharamshala, Calcutta and quite a few places.
The minus point" I work in the media and can they afford to give me holidays..Oh!Holidays!Holidays! What a luxury! I have realised how one take its life for granted. I mean in the times of college, I lead a care free life thinking that it shall never end. Life motto and I hope is still on: Live Life King size. Dude and Babe, take a chill pill. As someone told me, you too much chilled. At that time, didn't thought of going to holding and exploring exotic destination. I always thought that this beautiful life shall never end. Anyways, no need to cry over split milk. I believe that someone must not express regrets over life.
There was a time when I wanted to quit my job. I'm happy I didn't coz it would be difficult to save the moolah for holidays. The bad saver and spend thrift that I am! My bank balance is zero zero and zero. Time to get insured so that I can afford a lil bit of loans to cover my extravaganza..read holidays, baby! I'm dying to travel. I badly need that. Trust me! I have reached a stage where I badly need a break from work and graveyard shift. This life sucks, I know. But, it also goes without saying that I have started to enjoy my work. I am getting fulfillment out of it. No prize for guessing: I ain't leaving my job as of now.Par mujhe chutti chahiye.
For starters I have already completed a year at work and the time I'll ask for chutti..add 6 months extra..do the months=18 months. Will the boss give my most needed luxury or shrug me off?! That's the question, Baby. I can't pronounce myself on that. But, but I am dying and badly need holidays for a change. I can already picture myself lying on the beach in Goa, sipping beer and gorging on super hot chicks clad in bikini.
To that, I sign out. Remem..it's Monday and blues has just started.A good reason to claim for holidays.
Have a great and awesome day 
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