If Friday was a woman

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Is the frenzy, hum drum of the week ever getting over?
I count the seconds, hours, days on my fingers..
Holy fuck..Is Friday really coming?
As I wonder over the ailments during the week..
...fever, cough, throat infection, tiredness and neck pain..
Behold! The odd timings and the act of too much on my plate forbid me from running away from office.
It's a week full of intricacies, unplanned and complex stuffs on a roll.
Agree! A fulfilling week and full of challenges.
Undrastic yet new shift in tasks.
The starting life of both a reporter and sub editor.
I longed for Friday like a obsessed lover yearning for his sensual desire.
It gives an orgasm yet it does.
If Friday was a woman!!!!
I wonder.Yes! I did wonder.
It could have been a statue, perhaps the statue of liberty.
My quest for physical and financial freedom would have started.
Yet Monday shall come and the frantic serach for freedom of the mind would have been an ever non lasting journey.
Friday, finally came.
I'm adoring it.Wanna make love to Friday.
Vodka or Whisky on the rocks.
Happy Friday
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