God on hot seat-part 2

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Hey God welcoming you in my abode..sorry hot seat..Guess, if all goes smoothly we can make it a monthly or a fortnight affair. Unfortunately, you didn't respond to my set of questions. Guess, it sent a tizzy down your spine and you went speechless for days. Did you questioned your own authority? I hope so coz I question my own existence and you, of course.
God, rest assured I am not an atheist.I believe in a super power but I refuse to adhere blind to the 'unquestionable faith' and pre-established rules advocated by many of your ardent followers. Sorry, I cannot subscribe myself to the theory and there so many self acclaimed God who want to snatch away your glory and existence. Come on, God, speak to me. As you have noticed, I haven't thrown my questions at you till now as a means of protest of your unwillingness and perhaps arrogance of not replying to my queries.
Let's get back to question, God. When I was small, I would patiently await for Dad to come back home and he was late, I became restless and prayed to you so that you can send Dad back home. When he came back, he looked at my anxious face and asked, were you worried? I smart shrugged off his concern and said in my tiny voice, no! Well, how he knew about it? Did you communicated my worry to him. Well, thank you. Today, I ain't gonna be mean to you God.
But, question is question: One day, you decided to take him far way from me? I want to know why? I want to share my happiness and grief with him. But, I can't do that. Is he watching over me? Is he present and looking at me? At least, you provide me with an answer?
God, how do you look like? Are you white, do you wear black clothes, show off in trendy blue shoes and carry flamboyant clothes? How do you look like? Black or white..what is the color of your skin? If not, then why people differentiate in terms of Black and white? Are you, Hindu, Muslim or Christian? Don't they say, there is God in every human being? If yes, then why people differentiate in terms of caste, creed or sex? Or you male or female? Then, when people discriminate they are discrimination against your own existence. I'm sorry to say all this but it's my honest opinion. Answers needed fast.

Why is it so difficult to let go of the one we love, God? When we broke up with the one we love the most, there comes a time when we feel our whole has stopped forever. We end up losing the meaning of life and shed tears for that person whom we know that he/she cannot be ours. Why is it so? The more the person drift away from us, the more we want to grow, sleep and eat with that person. How can that person be insensitive to our feelings overtime? Is there any answer to that?
I sometimes wonder whether we could have survived without food. Since I was a child eating was always an uphill task for me. Life would have been easier and a smooth ride without craving for food for survival. I always faced a mammoth task when faced with a plate of food. I know this is silly good. 

But, can we survive without food and relationship?
Why is it that when we visit a place for the first time we feel that we have been there before. Is there a thing called reincarnation? Same thing happen when we meet someone for the first. We gel so well with each other and instantly feel an array of great vibes and soulful connection with that person? No one has been able so far to understand the complexities of human life and relationship? Yet you chose to design the world in such a manner? 

Are you going to present yourself to me someday and do you have the courage to do so? When will you reveal your form?

Why do I feel scare of undertaking the simplest of task for the first time? Is there any hidden meaning behind it or have I been designed in such a way? Don't do that. Don't touch this. Why are we humans so reluctant to embrace the newest thing in life?

Why do I have the tendency to dwell so much in the past and the world of impossible?Is imagination a prelude to the forthcoming? Why am I so reluctant to let go? I want to understand the entire gamut and complexities of human existence?

Dear God, some more questions will do?! I think that you can afford being on the hot seat for some time considering the unplanned design you hold for me:

Why do things doesn't come the way I want it to be? Why is it that a bad surprise always comes my way?
Why people have so much ego in themselves and makes life difficult for others and for themselves?

Why do I end up screwing things so many times?

Why can't I meet my deadlines and do things according to planning? It always fails?

Why is life unfair sometimes and I end up in a soup?
Lots of why's buts and ifs in this life. If only you care to answer. If you still feign ignorance we shall continue this exercise and you will be sitting on the hot sea. I intend to do it till I get my answer. Take your time God and see you soon.

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