Corruption free, tolerant India:Too much to ask on I Day?

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Freedom at Midnight. Aug 15 turns as we bask on past glory, success and future challenges on our Independence Day. As Indians, we take great pride in our national flag and anthem. I do not oppose this view as I belong to the school of thought that believes that our Jnana Gana Mana is the most beautiful and emotional anthem in the world.
This I-Day should have been so special for us. We won the world Cup in an almost dramatic way, Anna Hazara led our young nation in demand what is rightfully ours: acountability. As a nation we have suffered for long at what I call the apathy of our corrupt netas.We also lost our Elvis Presley, the endearing,lovable and flamboyant Shammi Kapoor. We pressed for the Lokpal Bill and if it bears completion it shall be a great victory to our young nation. However, it looks like a distant dream as a result of the apathy of our political rulers.Are we in a state of reboot?Is the right to Information Act a case of restart our machine? Well, these questions need to be adressed urgently.
The terror attack in Mumbai has put into question our freedom and pride as Indians. As we utter Not Again in Mumbai we are compelled to question the assurance given by corrupt babus and netas? Are we really free as a nation? Do we just sit and take pride in Jnana Mana on August 15? No considering that immature decisions are being imposed upon us as we watch speechless and defenceless? Case in point:Raising the drinking age to 25?
Sorry to say India is not free as a nation.There is still the huge divide between Bharat and India where millions in rural India are still denied access to quality education. Well, more emphasis should be laid on Education if we want to catch up with China. Poor infrastructure make us prone to terror attack and water logging during monsoon. There is a feeling of inequality among different ethnnic group. We are intolerant to homosexuals, free sex and live-in religion. Secularism is a lost word.
True India is booming in terms of the economy and the youth have better jobs with attractive with pay packages and we don't need to move to foreign shores in quest of better jobs and associated perks.Yes, we are intolerant as a nation. Someone like MF Hussein was compelled to leave his own country and die a sad and tragic death. Very sad.
As a young Indian, my take is that I am proud to be Indian and will always be. But, but I wish we were more tolerant to everything and please we should break away from the shackles of morality and extreme religious views. We should feel protected and secure in India and let's erase the evils of corruption. Learn to understand each other's culture and win the war against corruption. Dream wish: We want Lokpal Bill to be turned into reality.
Happy Independence Day
Proud To Be Indian.
Once an Indian always an Indian.
Jai Hind

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