Celebrating the religion of Friendship and love

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O' Friend, think of me today.
Ignore me if you will for the rest of your life.
Think of me today and the times we spent together.
The times we laughed together, went beserk with each other.
The times we stopped each others' tears.
We vowed not to get lost in the crowd.
Yet, this is the law of nature.
I shall think of you and the times we spent together.
You may have forgotten me.
But, I have not.
You chose not to respond to my call.
Yet, I always think of the good times spent in each others company, sharing dreams.
You lent me a shoulder to lean.
How can I forget it.
The day I forget it, I shall cease to exist.
Happy Friendship Day.

Hey folks, this is the first Sunday of August as we celebrate Friendship Day. In college, we would always live for the day and buy coloured wrist band on the streets and gift shops like Archies to tie on our friends' hands. Friendship was a religion to us and we would strictly adhere to the simplest rule of friendship. We would always be here for each no matter what, be each other's 4 a.m friend and laugh together. We simply believed in it. It was sacred. How we wish the times will never wane. Life can't be better than that and was the perfection we secretly wished for.
Doesn't matter if it's a Sunday, Monday in college would be the day where we would hug each other and tie the band on our friend's wrist. It was a dhaga that would tie for life and send some good vibes if we have moved far away from each other. I believe that our prayers and wishes is still flying in the air, reaching you, Dear friend. I can feel your energy and you can feel mine. It truly makes a difference.
Friendship day is also the opportunity  to kindle a romantic sparkle. The cute gal we never spoke to me would stay forever in our minds and Friendship Day we take our guts to a new level and tie the band to her hand and even give a red rose. If we are lucky, we will get a hug and ask for coffee. Friendship day is one day where no one can refuse our offer of friendship. The start of a beautiful relationship with the angelic face.This day has witnessed the start of several romantic encounters and it is a matter of time when we hold hands together stealing a kiss over coffee and make love to each other.
Droplets of tears falling into my palm.
I can stop myself as I found the tears and put into my eyes.
Our soul merges into each other.
I am you, You are mine.
Your tears are mine, my joy are yours.
As we kindle and celebrate the pure joy of friendship.

Happy Friendship Day
With Lots of love, prayers.
"True Friendship are the ones that stood the test of time."
With Love
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