G Ghostly affair

This post is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015) on Day 7 for Letter G.

The doors are bolted from inside, the window pane creaking and the curtains flying with wind flowing inside the house. I freeze and sat still on the sofa. I can't find the voice to protest. Finally, I took the courage, stammering and plead with her to unchain me. "Please," I implore you. Go away. You have such a kind and beautiful, feminine voice and I can't understand why you doing this to me and making me your prisoner." 
"Damn it! I am in my own house," I finally broke down.
The soft, invisible voice tells me, "Boy! I am in love with you. I am roaming for years to find love and finally found you. You are selfless and kind-hearted. There is no way I am going to let you off. Let's go into my world."
It sent a chill down my spine, wondering what kind of ghost who one day knocks on my door and falls in love with me. I silently pray that I am dreaming. I cannot run away since the first step I make towards the door makes me stop like statue and I am dragged back towards her. I cannot see her but I know she is standing right in front of me. I feel a chill dropping down my spine, my legs suddenly becomes weak and am drained of energy.
I slightly remember last night when we were slightly bored and downed bottles of whisky. The four of us were looking for thrill when we lay the Ouija board on the floor, calling for the ghost when coins stumbled, announcing the coming. My over-enthusiastic friends asked about her when she told about the guy who ditched her on the eve of herr engagement. Not able to face the parents, she jumped in the deep waterfall that consumed her body. In the wee hours, my friends left the flat and I didn't know when her heart went for me.
Do I have a choice, I wonder. She tells me, "I know what you are thinking? You are screwed with me forever. I feel sad for you. You are trapped. This is what you think. Both of us need each other and we would love each other forever. It's eternal. You know that I live in another world and you will not be able to make love to me. I cannot even touch the living and you cannot touch something which is already dead.
I take a deep breath. "In short, I shall be dead."
She broke into a cackle of laughter, "No! My dear. I will not kill you and take you into my world. But, you shall be mine forever and you will stay with me inside your house. I will not allow any other woman to take my place. Perhaps, you think it's a punishment but it's eternal love."
She started crying. "You know I didn't want to do that to you. Perhaps, you need to atone for the sins of your brother who ditched me for that bitch."
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