H for Hatred

This post as written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ April Blogging Challenge and today is Letter H on Day 8.

He sat on the floor in his cell, caught in his own thought when he was distracted by a female shadow entering inside the dark and dingy room. It was her, dressed in a white short skirt and smiling wickedly at him.

He: Why do you hate me so much?
She: I trapped you, arrogant bastard.  Look at yourself: It was just yesterday that you had a huge business empire and it has crumbled, landing you in jail.

He looked at the roof and start wondering how she joined his company as a secretary and earned his trust. It slipped his mind how she gained access to all the documents, indulging in money embezzlement and fraud on his name. She had a motive and he wanted to know why.

He: Why?
She: Mister, You have many 'whys'. I nurtured the dream of becoming the Singhania Bahu, your wife and it's was a well-calculated plan to join your company. I spent sleepless nights researching on your family tree, how you made so much money, starting from scratch and your gold medal at Harvard.

She laughs: Remember me on the day of the interview, the shy Sonia. Spot the difference now. I am the same Sonia. I tried to flirt with you every time but you pushed me away. You have put all my stakes at claim and there was no way I would jeopardize my investment on you. I hate you so much. You have destroyed yourself and cannot blame me. We would have been husband and wife, live happily with beautiful children I would have happily given to you.

He let her speak and was smiling in his heart, laughing how stupid she is reveal her plans. She was unaware that he has been playing around and she has been caught in his plan since he got wind of the scheming she indulged into.

Two cops entered his cell and saluted him, "Sir." She was confused and at a loss of words. 
She fumes: Now, why are you guys saluting this criminal? He has been arrested for fraud."

Two women constables walked in and handcuffed her. "Ma'am, you are arrested for fraud in Singhania Properties and conspiracy." She swore at him.

He: All the best Babe. Hope you enjoy your extended lifelong vacation in jail. You think I was unaware of your plan and hatred for me. I used all my powers, feeding the police and media to stage my arrest since I wanted to know how a shy girl like you, became confident enough to earn my trust. I wanted to know why you hated me so much.

HE: You must be thinking how I've put the act to trap you. See! I am not stupid like you to reveal my plans. You have already been caught on camera and no power on earth can stop your downfall.

He winks at her as she was led to the dark cell filled with mosquitoes. He wore his suit and walked away towards his black limousine. The cops saw him walking away and smiled , happy that they hit the jackpot with the bundles of note he fed them with and they know that the money will last them a life time.
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