V for Vilified

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News traveled fast in the obscure village that superstar Ravi Kumar was shooting for his next film in the creepy bungalow, haunted by dead souls and ghosts. The bungalow, 'Bhoot Bangla', dreaded by locals who avoid walking past the dark gate since many of them felt a chill down their spine. Tales of young children disappearing and lost forever, humans freezing to death and lying inside the bungalow are famous in the village
It was no ordinary day when the dark blue BMW of Hindi film superstar Ravi Kumar drove in front of the gate and the locals forgot their fear to catch a glimpse of their hero. The car drove in front of the bungalow and at the sight of the drone-like crowd, Ravi Kumar didn't want to pass through the gate and signaled his driver to take the back entrance.
He got out of the car in a jiffy and jumped straight into his vanity van for the make up and got ready for the shot. The actor scampered inside the bungalow where the cameras zoomed, lights checked and decorations that give the scene the set up of a re-incarnation drama. The director handed Ravi Kumar the script to mouth his line and said, "Sir! Repetition! One, two, three. Ok sir. Shot ready."
"Ready," Ravi Kumar nodded.
Lights! Camera! Action! Take 1. Rolling camera
The camera rolled. Ravi Kumar hands perched in his pocket, wore an expression of disappointment and shouted in a dramatic manner, "Don't leave me and go. I waited for the day and can't live without you, Roshni."
"Cut," The director shouted and gently reminded Ravi Kumar,"Sir! Character's name is not Roshni but Sukanya. You ok, sir." Ravi Kumar felt dizzy. The director knew something was wrong and patted the superstar on his back, "Sir, things don't seem to be right. It's ok. We will do it again tomorrow."
Pack up! The director shouted and urged the crew to leave the set and move away. The superstar was standing alone in the bungalow amid the lights, camera and film equipment.
Ravi Kumar lit a cigarette, his back perched to the film crane when he heard the song, 'Jeet Lenge Baazi Hum Tum Khel Adhura Chute Na, Pyar Ka Bandhan Jaanam Ka Bandhan Chute Na' playing from a distance. It brought back images of Roshni in their small village where they grew up together. and fell in love. How their love was vilified by the uneducated village folks! He was still a struggler in what was called, 'Bombay' at that time when he came back to his village to meet Roshni and both sneaked near the paddy field and the lake. Ravi Kumar held her her hand, "I have come to take you with me to Bombay, Roshni."
Roshni turned around, "No! Ravi. Your dream matters the most. I will wait for the day when you will become the greatest superstar in the country. I can wait for you, my love and don't want you to be distracted.'"
He held Roshni hands, caressed her lip and they kissed passionately. A villager who walked past them saw the lovers kissing and raised a hue-and-cry that alerted the whole village. Ravi and Roshni were brought in front of the village Panchayat who told that the girl has brought disgrace not only to her family, caste but whole village and lost her honor. Ravi would be banned for defaming the village and Roshni would not be allowed to step out of the village for she is a sinner that would pollute the minds of the pure girls in the village.
The next day, before going back to 'Bombay', Ravi wanted to meet Roshni but she refused and told him to forget her. He was heart broken but knew deep inside that Roshni has sacrificed her love for his dreams. The phone rang and superstar Ravi Kumar was shaken up from the vision and told himself, "I must go and find Roshni."
He was getting ready to go back to the village when the director knocked and came inside the vanity van, "Sir, a new girl is here and we have taken her as the Assistant Director."
Superstar Ravi Kumar washed his face and turned around when he saw a tall girl, dressed in blue denim and colorful Kurta, sporting long black hair. He felt a jolt in his heart and jumped on his feet when he saw Roshni who was equally shocked to see her lover. They couldn't speak for a minute and hugged each other, Roshni recovered her voice and kissed him on his forehead and face, "I always knew I'd find you someday, Ravi. I told you that one day you will become a superstar."

They hugged each tightly, embracing and tasting the nectar on each other lips' passionately. "Roshni my love, today no villager will stop us and we will kiss like there is no tomorrow." They walked together, holding each other tight in front of the huge crowd which Ravi Kumar's security had a hard time, keeping away from the couple. They entered the BMW that whooshed away from 'Bhoot Bangla' as music played in the car, "Jeetenge Baazi Hum Tum Pyar ka Bandhan, Jaanam ka Bandhan Chute Na."

PS: Today's post is inspired by my love for films, film sets and romance set against the backdrop of this beautiful song from Shola aur Shabnam. The story is a small tribute to this beautiful song from the Dharmendra-starrer and of course, to our movies. I hope that I've done justice to the post.

Love. Keep the faith
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