U for Umbrella

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Rohan waited for Pia in the busy and crowded street bordering at the market, frequented by the huge crowd on Sunday afternoon. He felt his pulses racing and anxiety pang that made his heart beat at  thunderous pace. Suddenly, it started pouring heavily and black umbrellas altered the identity of the city, mushrooming in every nook-and-corner,
He felt some strange feeling at the sight of black umbrella, braced open to brave the thunder and heavy rain. An adrenaline rush sprang through his body and he suddenly felt dizzy. He was transported in a world of illusion where murderers are racing towards him, hitting with the black umbrellas, piercing his chest, vital organs and private part. What's happening to him?' he wondered. Rohan was determined to fight the black umbrellas who feasted on his body and sucking blood. The demons in the garb of the black umbrellas slowly ravaged the towering buildings, bring them down and mayhem struck the city.
He was powerless, wondering whether they would spare Pia. He must save her from the clutches of the black umbrellas who were ruthlessly attacking everyone in the city.
It was the biggest Black Umbrellas attack, the Times of India reported and the army was emasculated losing men and women in the battle that hijacked the city. Rohan has been lying for days on the mud, starving to death and the ruthless black umbrellas devoured his skin, body and soul. He collapsed and lost all his senses but the image of Pia remained stuck in his mind. 
Rohan woke up in the hospital and saw the blurred image of Pia, holding his hand. He freaked out and yelled, "It's the black umbrella. She is holding the black umbrella in her hand and will not spare me. Help! Help!, he yelled. "This woman is not going to spare my life. The city is destroyed. She is a terrorist who killed people with the black umbrella. I am lifeless and the black umbrella pierced through my genital, chest and skull," he cried in desperation
Pia was shocked and turned to the doctors who were clueless. They gave him an injection and tied his hands and legs, with the rope on the bed at Bombay Hospital. Rohan struggled, throwing invectives before collapsing. Pia leftt the hospital room in tears.
Few month later, Rohan was released from the hospital and taken to Pia's home. Illusion wrecked his life and he made vision of killing Pia, sexually assaulting her. He was fighting a lonely battle and was destroying his own soul. He had vision of slapping and assaulting his mother and sister. An inner voice stroke his soul, telling, 'Rohan, you are good soul. You are not a criminal. Take control of your life. It's just cluttering of thoughts rocking your life. Speak to someone.' He felt guilty of negative vibe destroying him and finally opened up to Pia. He was in tears, 'Pia! Take me to mental hospital. I am becoming mad and thoughts keep torturing me that I am assaulting you.' Pia held his hand, "Baby! You are a good human being and you cannot even kill a fly. I will never take you to the mental hospital. Together, we will win and I will make you triumph over negative thoughts. It's not you but unwanted thoughts. Tell yourself and the demons: Let the thoughts come in but you shall not possess my soul. I will not resist. I am sure together we will win my love," she tenderly kissed his forehead.
Pia held Rohan's hands, guiding him towards light and showing him the path with love, care and affection. She never lost patience with Rohan, taking good care of him during the low moments of life. Finally, their love triumphed and today Rohan is on his way to recovery. The unwanted thoughts often cross his mind but he firmly believes that he doesn't want to harm anyone and this too shall pass. He is no longer afraid of the 'Black Umbrella' or any 'umbrella.'
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