O for One Night Stand

This post is written on Day 15 for Letter O 'One Night Stand' as part of 'Blogging from A to Z April (2015) challenge, http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

The bomb blew the train apart and hordes of human bodies sprang in the air like sauce pans from one end to another, bodies shred into pieces and jumbled on each other. He lay half conscious on the floor until his eyes met her crushed body. He moved with excruciating pain, holding her hand tight as she clutched to him. They couldn't believe that fate would bring them together in this fashion after ages.
Dressed in blue denims, he walked at Juhu beach past midnight, smoking a cigarette when a car slowed past him. The lady, in her late 30s, wearing black glasses, pulled down the tinted window pane to ask, "Are you coming?"
He appears undisturbed, "I am sorry. Do I know you?"
She spoke in a flirty tone, "There is no harm in knowing each other. Get inside the car. It's just for one night and I'll pay you Rs 10,000."
He protested, "Hey listen! I am not a Gigolo."
She says with a nonchalant shrug, "Who told you I am a boring Bhabhi? Trust me. You'll make a cool 20k just for one night in a five-star hotel you could only dream of."
The money was tempting and he got inside the car as they drove in the silent night, past the sky-crapers, smell flowing from the slums and faraway from the siren of the local trains and honking of black-and-yellow cabs in the city.
He lay on the bed, timid and shy, unsure why he agreed to give her company in the middle of the night. She undressed herself, sensually run her finger on his naked torso. Quite reluctantly, he caressed her, from thigh, moving upwards to her boobs and kissing passionately. She moaned after the act was done, scratching his bare back. He opened the window, giving an aerial view of the Bandra sea to lit a cigarette. He asks, "Why do you do all this?" 
She walks behind him, caressing his back, "You are an innocent kid. How I wish I could fall in love with you and not just for the night. Well, you mean the sex. Don't all of us wish for shit  loads of sex in life."
Sad shade showed on her attractive face, "My husband is a business man who is on foreign trips most of the time. I know he has affairs everywhere, paying for women. To be honest, I enjoy the sex, paid or free but it's also my way to get at him. Hope you will understand some day. You are an innocent boy. Do something worthwhile with the money."
Blood seeped from their bodies, torn by the blast. They lied together on the floor as smoke blew from the train that has been set on fire by terrorists. Little do the masters of death realized that they united two souls, destined to be bound by death.

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