Pen love

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She: Do you think we will ever meet in life? It's been three years that we are pen friends. I wonder whether the term 'Pen love' exist!
He: It's a beautiful relationship we have....
SHE: I agree...two souls connecting with each other. The pen is a mighty sword yet a faithful lover. Just imagine we have never seen each other.
HE: How long my letters takes to reach you?
SHE: I dunno! How does it matter? As long as our souls cross the seas and oceans to reach each other. 
HE: Don't you think that we should meet this year? It's been three years.
SHE: Patience, my love. Everything will fall in place. One thing I want to be frank, stop sending me super expensive gifts and save the money for rainy days. I am a simple girl who comes from a super rich family who never miss an occasion to show how much money they have. I travel by expensive cars but hate it. I love the freedom of riding a bike, admiring the scenery, dancing in the rain and playing with street children. I am dying to move away from my show-off family in Lahore, free from inquisitive relatives who swears by the perfume of wealth. How I hate it!
SHE: Next year, I am moving to US for my Masters in performing arts and am so excited and glad that I won't come back home to have my marriage fixed with an idiot.
HE: So, you plan to forget me? 
SHE: You mad!! How can I? I love you. We should not raise doubts. I am sure you can try and plan it out to meet me in US next year. 
HE: Do you think they will agree to our love? I am a Hindu in India and you are a Muslim Pakistani.
SHE: Why are you so much bothered in breaking your neck to convince them? They will never-both my parents and yours-agree. For them, religion and ego is everything. They don't know the power of love. Hatred will beget hatred. It's our lives and we didn't seek their permission to fall in love. 
SHE: Listen! Let's set a date to speak to each other on phone. Let's make it special.
HE: Your birthday, on June 1?
SHE: Nah! boring. Birthdays are cliche.
HE: Wait, August 14, your Independence Day or on August 15, my Independence day.
SHE: It's not a neutral date. It's too heavy patriotism, love and then war, my country better than yours...bla bla! How I hate this whole India vs Pakistan thing.
Let's close our eyes and think for 30 seconds. Both He and She zeroed on June 14 that they said at the same time. It was the morning when HE waited for her call at the PCO in the small village in Punjab, at his Dad's shop. It was 7 a.m. He waited with bated breath. The phone rang and he said, 'Hello', voice stammered and choked with emotions. "Hi," she almost shouted loud enough for him to hear. I love you,"
He heard the most beautiful voice of love, the tone verged between emotions of crying and unlimited happiness. He shouted back, "I love you, too. Nothing can separate our pure and true love." Their love became their only prayer since that day where they stopped believing in Gods they were taught to worship.
They have two children, a boy and a girl, well settled in New York. Yes! Their parents has accepted their love and met on neutral terrain, often sharing a drink or two over the heated India-Pakistan cricket match. Politics, religion and terrorism are never discussed on the dining table.

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