N for Not in love when I thought I was

Today is Day 14 and Letter N for Not in Love when I thought I was. This post is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z April (2015) Challenge.

We sat together in class. I would love how she ran her fingers down her curly tresses, turns around and coyly smile to me, laugh at every small thing and stupid jokes that we would make. I was amazed how she would drag me to the tapdi to enjoy cutting chai, vada pav and befriend the street urchins, buying them lunch. 
Playful! She remained like a child and would call me in the middle of the night to tell how she is craving for ice cream. "Come and pick me, na. I'm dying for ice cream and before you say anything. I've already sneaked out of the hostel and waiting for you downstairs."
Babe!! You crazy, I scolded her. I rushed to meet her, worried that she must be standing alone at midnight and zoomed in front of the girls' hostel as we drove to Pune station. She started to sing loudly, her arms stretched in the air, "mouth watering ice cream, enjoy life before it melts. It's midnight, I feel like feeling in love with the stars. I am pillion riding with the kindest man on earth. Today, I find him hot.
"Shut up," I said. "Stop buttering me, I know what you saying no true, I am not hot."
"I feel like loving you and showering affection just for the day," she bites my ears and caressed me with her hands. I felt a tingling sensation and adrenaline rush, controlled my senses to maintain balance on the bike. It's a beautiful feeling to be emotionally overpowered by her simplicity and childlike innocence.
I felt drawn to her every single moment of life and  started to lose control over my senses. I am falling in love with her, I told myself. At least, what I thought! Emotions can play trick to the heart and an attractive persona close to the soul attracts like magnet. I thought she were the one on hearing the bells ringing in the heart.
She turned me into a poet, weaved poems for my muse and seeing the world with perfection. After all, it's the season of love and longing for her joie-de-vivre persona. My life at college started and revolved around her. Nights were spent, speaking for long hours on phone and waking up each other in the morning.
Like all beautiful things, it had to come to an end. It was the time for her to shift base and after discussing, analyzing things what is best for us, our lips swirled passionately for the last time and mouth saliva played a storm the day we parted. We hugged like long-lost lovers. Gradually, our phone calls separated by distance withered before we finally moved on in life. Not in Love when I thought I was! I saw her relationship status on Facebook, engaged and finally I moved on when I proposed to the girl at the bus stop. It was another beautiful relationship but I shall cherish the moments I spent with the girl who had the most amazing child like innocence. Love can be a tricky word.
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